1. Sharshar001

    newbie to the KETO DIET not newbie to MiniMins

    Oi Oi!!! So the story so far... 2012 I lost 3 and a half stones on dukan diet. Only diet that's ever worked (that I've actually sticked to. So actually the only diet I've ever worked at) however unlike the recommendation about three years ago stopped having my Protein Only days and Tada here we...
  2. L

    Low carb weightloss dairy 60 lbs Will Go

    I’ve spent my whole adult life on a diet ! I know diets don’t work it’s finding a lifestyle that works. So I messed around yoyoing 40-70 lbs off every year to regaining it then losing it Since 2012 I’ve lost and gained about 300 lbs totoal in chunks 40-70 lbs a year even in 2015 I miscarried...