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i re-started yesterday daisybank after doin lipo 18 months ago - some weight has crept back on - i tried to re-start in january but failed miserably, i blamed the snow not letting me get to the pharmacy but that was just an excuse lol.

I am amazed i got through my first day yesterday - although i was in bed by 10.30 just so i could stop thinking about food. Today seems a lot easier though, i dont feel half as hungry.

All you need to do is get over that first day - once you have acheived that you've cracked it!
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I remember you from 2008!!
C'mon don't be sad, we've both been through it before and obviously got very easy on ourselves?
But we;ll do it again and learn from our mistakes!

How are you?
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Hiya and welcome back and good luck I'm just finishing my fourth week of my restart weigh day in the morning!!! tell us your story get it off your chest good luck with your restart:)
I started lipotrim yesterday. I dont have a problem with missing meals as have tried other meal replacements before and never had a problem. The major difficulty I think is making it past the first week and getting into ketosis. Once you reach that stage your away! Pain is temporary, pride is forever :)
it is as easy as you let yourself believe it is - if you're not in a positive frame of mind - you are right - it is going to be difficult if not impossible.

So missy, you now have a choice, lie down defeated, or stick ur head over the parapet and keep on fighting....

that was my version of tough love btw :)
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Leesa is right, all last week i tried and tried and i couldn't even do ONE day!
I sat down, changed my attitude, decided what i reeally wanted and yes i may only be on Day 2 but I KNOW i will stick it out untill i'm at a weight i'm more comfortable with.
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I am hoping to attempt LT again from tomorrow. Cant bear to write the story. Cant feel any worse. Anyone else starting tomorrow?
Hello Daisybank
This is my 2nd attempt
I did it almost 3yrs ago and it worked but i got lazy and tbh "greedy" and thought i would b ok and it would drop off,it didnt and i just got heavier!! Now ive 5st to lose!!
I am going to take it 1day at a time and see how i get on,i feel positive and excited about starting tomorrow(Mon 8th)
Might sound stupid but the 1 thing i worry about is my breath!!lol, I deal with people reg thru my day and dont want honking breath!!
Good luck,we are all or have been in the same boat,when youre ready you will let us know more xx Ro
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C'mon Daisybank - share our pain.

The smell of the rest of them getting dinner downstairs is killing me, but this place is helping me (and this from a cynical old fart like me)...


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Hey daisy bank..i just seen your thread coz i'm sitting at laptop while my sister,n her OH have their dinner..for me it,s all about keeping myself busy while everyone else is eating! i actually find myself encouraging people to eat what i would fancy myself(bad i know!:rolleyes:)!! but sure WHATEVER it takes to get through another day;). I,m not jus starting but i do have my first weigh in on wed after missing it last wk due to a bad wk:break_diet:. I think everyone here understands how hard it is and knowing that you're not on your own in something will hopefully make it a little easier!! best of luck hun:hug99:
thanks for your replies :)

I need lots of support in every sense as I am really struggling at the moment, it is all too much not just dieting, so I do appreciate your kindness.


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I'm starting tomorrow as well. Good luck and I'm sending you lots of virtual support.

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Good luck today Daisybank!!
Get excited :)
thanks hun, I am trying. Have made a list of things in my head that I need to do. I am going to make myself go out at some point today too.
you can do this girliechops!!! and i am gonna kick u up the ass everytime you feel like poop!!!

now deep breaths hunni

this is the start of a wonderful journey - we are all gonna be there with you.

reading between the lines i think you have other problems in your life at the moment and i just want to say once you control one part [food] you will feel like yu can conquer anything.

savour that shake missy - we are all behind you

L xx


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best of luck daisybank....you can do this!!!!