1st Weigh in

:D Congratulations, that is a fantastic loss :D

Well done and good luck for next week
WOW, fab losses this week. Well done.

Jazzy x
well done that is fab!!! keep on glugging and u'll be a skinny mini in no time!!!


Gen xx
Had first weigh in last night

13 pounds off and 10inches so flippin pleased, i cant begin to tell you.

Wow that is excellent news, it certainly helps to keep you motivated. When you weight loss gets a bit smaller your inches will still be getting less so dont get disheartened..

Well done
Congratulations Mich, well done!!
Congrats Mich
I Bet You Are Well Chuffed!
10 Inches Off Aswell, Thats Amazing
Well done, fab weight loss & inches too - brilliant start :)
Wow, that is amazing! Well done :)
Wow, That's fantastic. Well done x
Congratulations mich .. well done!! Keeps you motivated for another week, doesn't it??