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2010 Free Branded Foods & Low Syn Snacks books?


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I do SW from home, and could really do with updating my afore mentioned, very dog eared, heavily thumbed through books! I've just been looking on ebay for 2010 books, abd there aren't many listed, and the prices, tbh, are just crazy.

I just thought I'd ask here if anyone has the most recent editions of these two books, that they'd like to sell on? I'll happily pay the 'new' price and cover P&P, if anyone could help me?

Warm wishes,
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...and I think I've posted this in a really random place. Sorry!


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I've looked again, and I think they might be 2009? Mainly blue covers. The ones I have are older, with purple covers. Does that make more sense maybe?! lol
We've got them in our classes as I was going to get one of the free branded books myself. I'm happy to get some for you and post them - send me a private message and we can sort something out I'm sure.


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Hi there,
Thanks for all your kind offers via PM.
I have decided to bite the bullet, and join a brand new SW class, which opens near me tonight for the first time.
I've only doen it from home so far, so this should give me the final push again.

Well done hun, let us know how you get on xx


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...erm, maybe not. Got ready to go, left early as I wasn't sure where I'd get parked, with all the snow we have here, only to find I'm snowed in! lol Literally could not get the car out of our parking spot. That's never happened before, this weather is amazing!

The group is only about a 45 min walk away, but by that point I'd have been ridiculously late.

I'll deffo make it next week though, regardless. Just a shame it wont be on the first night.
there is one out for 2010 see attachment. anyone can order by calling the book enquiry line 08448920404
really can you get all of these books from there. i have just started the plan from old books that i had. I would like the up to date books. classes arent rearly my scene.

And I'd recommend getting the 2010 Food Directory anyway - it's got everything in it (well, almost everything, they can't be totally up to date!).

You DO feel a bit stupid standing in the aisle at Tesco with this rather large tome frantically scanning pages - it is STILL not obvious to me where to find things! - but I've not been turfed out yet!!!

You can also use the Directory 'the other way', and go through it at home marking things that are free or very low syn that you've never tried, and add them to your shopping list. I've only just thought of doing that (sorry if that's what most of you already do, I'm a bit slow!).

But you really do need the latest version, as things change as manufacturers change recipes etc, and things that were once 'free' are no longer (and presumably vice versa, although I don't think that I've EVER found that!!!).

Wishing you Very Best of Luck.

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