Step 1 Sole Source 2nd week weigh in tomorrow


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Hi Lizzie. I thinnk it really depends on your start weight and the time of the month. For me, I lost 8lb in my first week but it had been totm. Then week 2, when most people have a low week, I had another 6lbs but then again I do have 10 stone to lose to be at a healthy bmi.

When I did LL, I lost 13lb in my first week and 5 in my second week and I only needed to lose 6 stone that time!!!

You're scales may only say 2 at the moment but wait til tomorrow as it could dramatically increase.

Good luck for your weigh in x x


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You really shouldn't use your sales at home (I know its easier said than done, I do it too) but as they aren't Caloberated regularly they won't read an accurate reading. If you weighed yourself 4 times a day I bet every-time it would be different

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I lost 2lbs in 2nd then 4lb in 3rd week. I wasn't drinking enough water in week two but I been filling 2litre bottle up of water every day and make sure I drink it and it's worked! X

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