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3rd week and only lost 2.5lb!

Tanya c

Full Member


I am a bit disappointed as I only lost 2.5 lb.

Altogether it's been 12.5 lb in 3 weeks so not bad but was expecting more!

Although saying that I have been naughty, had chicken a few times this week and had to have bread and wine for communion in church...

Does anybody think that exercise will speed up my loss?
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Have you had 2 fab previous losses though cos 3 week does seem to be a time when people have what they call a bad week - but its just your body catching up as such! Dont worry and dont get upset hun - next week will be better - this is really common!

Tanya c

Full Member
aah thanks hun! That's cheered me up! I've had two weeks of 5lb previously. So it could be a big loss next week? Did you experience it? x


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I know it's disappointing but as Saraian says, it's pretty common on week 3.

Still a great loss though. Doing another diet may have been a STS this week. Keep on trucking. You're doing fab :clap:

Tanya c

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Thanks KD X
Hey a loss is a loss - yes last time on cd, i had 9lbs, then 4lbs then it was 1b and i was gutted but soon found out it were common to happen.

You can never predict if your gonig to have a nassive loss - i find as long as someone is 100% and stays in ketosis the losses can vary greatly.

Tanya c

Full Member
Thanks! well, I'm gonna stick to it 100% this week and the next 4 weeks as I go on holiday after that so want to be at least 9 stone or under!



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Don't get too down - as others have said its just your body catching up. You've done so well so far - keep going hun. x


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We get so used to big losses - just think if it were any other diet eg WW or SW we would be really chuffed with 2.5lbs!

Don't worry about it - just carry on and think long term. :)
Thanks everyone! week 4 here I come! x
Thanks Jess! yeah I'm gonna look ahead to next week and it will hopefully be a much bigger loss xxx
I put a pound on last week & I was gutted, but it was totm so I'm hoping I've done better this week. My problem is if I know I'm going to cheat I have a meal of chicken & veg in the eve to stop me cheating. I should stay ss really


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Having chicken and veg is better than having a takeaway hun - its better to prevent a BIG cheat by having a small one.

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