Wally's Got to Get it Done Exante Diary


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S: 15st12.5lb C: 9st3.5lb Loss: 6st9lb(41.8%)
Gem - the water flavourings I am now buying are the ones they stock at my local Kroger and Publix stores. They have just started an extra vitamin and energy range - all for zero calories. So I got all the flavours and have just finished a glass of blueberry lemonade flavoured water! Its much better than plain water and makes me drink more.
Oh they sound lovely Wally ☺️ Wish they sold it here.
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S: 19st13lb C: 17st11.3lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 2st1.7lb(10.65%)
Day 42 - weigh in day today! I have lost 2.5 lbs for a total of 30.5 for 6 weeks. I am happy and chuffed and have treated myself to a new workout outfit to celebrate. Unfortunately I am celebrating in agony with my period and I cannot seem to shake it this month - but nonetheless, I have given up yet. I am rocking down to the next goal and working my way through the 240s.
Hope you are all also doing great and not suffering with the weather or lockdown.


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S: 19st13lb C: 17st11.3lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 2st1.7lb(10.65%)
Hope everyone is doing amazing today! we had sunshine yesterday, so we went for a few long walks and it was lovely to get some fresh air.
The plan here is going very smoothly at the moment, yesterday I had porridge, Butternut squash soup and then a chicken salad (slightly too much chicken) with a hard boiled egg and the scales are still a pound and a half lighter this morning so I am very happy about that.
I am counting down the days until my birthday meal - so now I have 9 days to go (not that I am excited or anything :p) and I am on track! I have already hit my target for January - so just working now to lose a few extra to put me in good stead for February (short month - need all the help I can get).
I am now officially 31lbs down - so I have rewarded myself with a lovely new pair of leggings and matching top to walk/run in (and it was a size down!). My next target is 40lbs down - for which I am lookng forward to a large woodwick candle in a nice spring scent (just have to save up for that - because they are pretty expensive here!).

I read yesterday that each dress size is about 15-20lbs when you are larger and then reduces to 5-10lb when you get nearer your target weight. I have gone down one dress size, but I am not quite at the next one - I think I have at least another 15lb to go before I get into my smaller jeans and I am so looking forward to it.

Hope y'all have a wonderful and positive Sunday

Bean An Tí

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S: 16st4.4lb C: 15st13lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st5.4lb(2.36%)
Feels great getting into a new size doesn't it. That non scale victory! Well done.


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S: 19st13lb C: 17st11.3lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 2st1.7lb(10.65%)
I've completely lost touch with how many days its been - suffice to say, I am still on plan and going strong. Things are still working for me! I have been incorporating a few meals here and there - mainly chicken breast and salad and it has not hindered my weight loss at all.
It has turned a little cooler here and therefore, drinking my water has proved a little more challenging, as has drinking cold shakes - but I am still managing. The one thing I am doing which helps with that is drinking some of the shakes hot (such as the Vanilla Almond, Cinnamon and salted caramel.) I also got given some water enhancer that is fortified with caffeine for extra energy - so that has helped a little.
My husband has decided that 'we' might like to attempt a marathon in October :rolleyes: I am resisting so far - but I am imagining that he will drag me along with him if he does -so I may need to up my endurance runs just to keep up!

Otherwise -hope you are all doing okay with lockdown and all the choas that surrounds us at the moment. Even if it is just food - its nice to be in control of something.