3rd weigh-in

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by soule, 23 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. soule

    soule Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone
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  3. soule

    soule Well-Known Member

    Did'nt mean to do that lol lol
    Well just had 3rd weigh-in and lost 6lb this week thats a total of 22lb in 3 weeks absolutly amazing!!!!!!
  4. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    very well done xx


    That's great - well done to you
  6. soule

    soule Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much. I'm still quite shocked (in a happy way) by how much weight i've lost in such a small amount of time. It certainly gives me an incentive to carry on and to start thinking i can actually do this and be slim for the first time ever!
  7. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    GO Chads :party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. barcababex

    barcababex Well-Known Member

    Hey well done that is fab
  9. wigglychick

    wigglychick Well-Known Member

    wow :party0019: that's wonderful congratulations :D
  10. missymoo

    missymoo Fed up of being fat

    Well done you are doing great!!
  11. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Well-Known Member

    Well done!
    Heres to never finding that lost weight again!
  12. corinne_j

    corinne_j Well-Known Member

    Fantastic, well done you x

    Corinne x
  13. soule

    soule Well-Known Member

    Arrr thanks everyone it really means alot all of the support from here. Well done to all of you with your losses too they are great. x x x
  14. weepoppet

    weepoppet Well-Known Member

    Good for you. Keep up the good work.

  15. devilishandsweet

    devilishandsweet 100% all the way!

    Well done, your doing well, keep on going x x x
  16. prettyfromtheback

    prettyfromtheback Well-Known Member

    wow brilliant progress, congratulations!
  17. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    22lbs.in three weeks:talk017:

    Well done Chadleys:happy096:

    Love Mini xxx

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