First weigh in tomo don’t think I’ve lost 😭


Hi everyone,

I joined SW last week and I’ve been amazing this week weighed, measured, cooked. I made 4 recipes from the SW app and loved them all. I have averaged around 8-9 syns per day. I have never been hungry. First time in a long time I’ve managed a full week with no cheating, no unplanned lunch/dinners resulting in me eating rubbish.
I never weighed myself before I went and when I went had my jeans on because that’s what I normally wear to work. Tonight have weighed myself in leggings and a tshirt and according to my scales have put on half a pound, mind that’s without my jeans! I never get a massive first loss but was really hoping for 3lbs minimum. I took my own meal to a bday dinner tonight and refused the cake. Glad I didn’t weigh myself before the meal lol!
Good luck!
Hi thanks for the replies. I’m absolutely mortified for posting because I lost 5lbs my scales are way out. Lesson learned! Was trying to be good this time and not weigh and did fine all week but temptation was too big 🙈
Good work, Lawl. You are on your way!
Hi everyone
Sorry I haven’t been back on I have been so busy. I am still doing well and can’t actually believe it. I’m now at a loss of 24.5lbs tonight getting my 10%, SotW and SotM. That’s me had SotM for 2 months in a row! I’m in total shock and don’t know why this is working this time, it’s definitely a change in my mindset but I have no idea why or where it came from. All I can say is long may it continue! Hope you are all getting on well too, be lovely to think by summer we will all be feeling happier and more confident! X