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42 points...


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Eat ;)

You'll be suprised how quickly they go if you count everything properly, butter on your bread, sugar in your tea, drinks like juice etc. Add a bit of cheese here and there, bread is quite pointy. Eat veggies like peas that aren't free, but still nice and healthy.

Oh and have a tiny pudding after your dinner :)

I have planned dinner and tea and I'm at 19 points... Gonna have philly mushrooms on normal toasted bread for breakfast... And maybe some french fries crisps for after lunch...

I'll just have a bowl of cereal before bed if I've not used all the points....

Thanks for your help!!


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The doubling cereal idea is good, i used to dot hat when i was breastfeeding and had a squillion points... plus a 'recommended portion' always looks SO piddly in the bowl!
Certainly had. I refuse to ever have this many points ever again!!

I wasn't so much shocked as disgusted in how much I weigh.

Roll on weigh in... Can't wait!!

Thank you!!
Oh dear... Like my leader said last night you never have to see that again...

How long have you been doing the plan?

I'm Gemma by the way, I joined last night at my local class. Xxx


I can haz cake?
Oh dear... Like my leader said last night you never have to see that again...

How long have you been doing the plan?

I'm Gemma by the way, I joined last night at my local class. Xxx
I maintained at around 20/20.5 stone for most of 2010 when I joined the gym...

Been a long term weightwatcher but only came back for good in February 2011 (after doing a disasterous skit with slimming world in January, I decided ww was for me after all.)

I've lost 21lbs in... 15 weeks. Coming off slower than I'd like but learning to accept is a huge part of it

Nice to meet you, good luck with ww x


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Im on 47 dailies so know how you feel. I feel its best to just enjoy them whilst you have them as they'll soon disappear. I also do the cereal thing, makes it feel like a proper portion then!
Enjoy them while you can! Don't go mad with "diet" versions of things and treat yourself to nice extras that you won't be able to have when your points reduce. My points have gone from 41 to 36 which makes it a lot harder to eat out and stay within my daily points!


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I'd love to have that few points to use...I've got 64 to get through a day. :p Feels like I'm eating for the sake of it half the time.
I tend to double up on things a lot...double portion of chips or rosties or whatever, just to use a few extra points up. Follow with a WW cornetto then for an extra 4...it soon goes.
Hi Gemma

I am also on 42 and I didn't think I would use them all, I am on day 2 and i used all of the yesterday and looks like I will be using them all today as well.

It all add's up, things are higher points now than on the old plan so I think it takes that into account.

How have you been doing today?
Hi Kookiethecat!!

I've done well today,

Made a bit of a mistake with tea thought my mince bolognese was gonna be 6 points but the amount I made was supposed to be for me and a friend, the whole pan made 5 portions!! So my tea was only 1 point!! So I'll have to have crumpets before bed!!

I feel like I'm eating for the sake of it too... But I'm glad I'm not starving, I did lipotrim for a while and I was soooooo hungry, this makes a nice change!!

How have you done?


Yeah I did well yesterday. Kept on points. I am finding it surprisingly easy. But the I always sail through the first weeks and then thats when I get stuck

Whoops about the spaghetti Bol. Never mind though, you pointed it so that's what matters

Have a good day xx

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