5days down

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by HERTS_FEM26, 26 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Managed 5days now and lost bout a stone nearly. Trying to stay strong. Can taste certain foods and smell them too. Not great. Hopefully it will die off soon.
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  3. kathryn B

    kathryn B Full Member

    It will get easier! I'm 20 days in and most of the time I'm fine but still have days (like yesterday!) where I'm thinking about food constantly! I also find it easier to think of the diet in 1 week segments. Only thinking about weigh in on Monday's and then start again on Tuesday's for another week.
    Keep going xxx
  4. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    Keep going Herts, the first few weeks are tough, but your losses show it is well worth it. Nearly at your first stone down - that is fantastic!
  5. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Yes I am on my 7th day now which I am happy about only another 32 weeks to go to get Down to my size I want. Can't wait to be down at my goal but I will be taking it a day at a time.
  6. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    I am so upset. I fell off the wagon. I feel so bad. Guess it's start again now!!!!

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