790 - Having daily hunger pangs


Have a serene day!!
Hi all,

A quick question does anyone else who is doing 790 have dreadful hunger pangs between 4.30pm and 6.00pm.

I have my brekkie, (shake and husks) at 8.15am my tetra at work around 1.30 (I try to make it as late as poss) then my meal is around 6.30pm but the last 10days I have been having pangs later in the afternoon.

Any ideas??? anyone???
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I know exactly how you feel. I have been having my tetra brick at lunchtime too and I try and have it at 2:30 or later because by 5pm I have really bad hunger pangs. I usually increase my intake of water but it has a short term effect.

Hi, I'm no great expert. I've been doing 790 for 3 weeks but I'll help if I can.

Have you tried splitting your meal? You could have half your daily allowance at lunch time and the other half in the evening? I'm actually half considering doing that myself as I feel so full after my meal plus I usually leave my 3rd pack till later in the evening as evenings were always my downfall. It might even help you to split your packs so you're not going so long without anything?

Do you have the bars? Thats the only thing you're doing differently from me. I have my bar with a coffee in the morning. That usually keeps me going till about 2 or 3pm then I have my meal about 6 or 7.

Hope this helps.

T x


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I'm not doing 790, I'm doing SS but on AAM week I still get hungry even tho I don't cheat and am in ketosis (not fair!). I find that in the morning it helps to use a half sachet for PH porridge and make a half sachet into a mousse later in the day. Also, if I have a CD bar I never eat it at once, but have in 2 servings and I feel full for longer. I hope this helps....


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What time do you have your last pack???

Alot of people i know on 790 have a breakfast one at 8ish then have shake/testra at 1ish evening meal at 5ish and then last shake at 9ish, maybe you could try this????



Have a serene day!!
Thanks for all your suggestions, I am thinking that I might split my brekkie shake as I have it with husks anyway, then when I come home after collecting the motley crew I can have the remainder at 4.00pm then still have my meal at 6.30pm and my last shake at 9ish.

Yesterday I didn't have any pangs so why that was goodness knows. I didn't do anything different.

I have tried the bars but they give me the f**ts talk about jet propelled. I do like them and they take me ages to munch through so I keep them for special treats like after my WI and on a Sunday evening after tea when the rest of the family have ice cream etc., (b**tards)!!!

But seriously thank you all for your suggestions and advice I will certainly try them.



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hi, just wanted to check that you are having 3 Cambridge meals plus your 790 meal. It's very important that you do have the 3 Cambridge meals as well as your milk, protein and veg.
As regards the f**rts, do try the Cranberry Bars. Not only do they taste great but they have a different composition to the other bars and do not contain Polyols which are what is causing you problems. Then if you get on with these you can also try the peanut bars too.

All the Best :)


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Hiya honey

Just noticed your thread, hope you've had a better day today and no more hunger pangs, splitting the packs is a good idea (would have suggested that myself :D ) which often helps.

Some people do find the bars make them windy, but sometimes it's a case of getting used to them, and it gets better after a while.

Take care, speak soon



Have a serene day!!
Hiya guys,

Thanks for all your suggestions, I have tried splitting my brekkie pack and having the remainder at around 4.00pm worked well and I didn't have any pangs, so I will try that for a while and see if it continues to work.

As to the bars the Malt toffee is lovely so is the Cranberry but I only found out at the weekend that they contain sugar and I am Diabetic so that kind of stuffs that consumption up.
(B*ggar!) I really loved them.

Still I made a choccy mousse yesterday for tea and it was yummy so I will just make more of them.



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i found if i got them pangs and water didnt help then i had half a malt bar out of the fridge so i had to really chew it, and maybe its psychological but it worked for me,