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8 lb's !!!!!! surely not !

hi all :) , i went on the family wii last night as i often do one of the body checks on wii fit ( anyone who has one will know what i am going on about) , now i know it is not always acurate but when i went on last night it said i had gained 8lbs since my last check in (2 days previous) anyone else had this happen ? surely it has to be wrong as i have not strayed once ! ( been close but not strayed)
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I wouldn't trust the Wii or the Wiifit for stuff like that if I were you.

After all, we are talking about a computer game here, at the end of the day. Go by how your clothes fit you. and your weekly weighins.

Same scales, same person recording it, and if you're like me, wear the same clothes to each weigh-in session for more accurate loss calculations! :)


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nah, the Wii must be wrong... you can't gain 8lbs in two days unless you just drank a couple of gallons of water just before you used it ;-)

If you havn't strayed, your body only has 500 calories going in, you can't gain weight on that...


LighterLife Returner
S: 17st7.0lb C: 17st7.0lb G: 12st7.0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
LOL- I make sure I'm wearing similar clothes, and not carrying my phone, wallet, keys or shoes when I get weighed... don't want to skew my results for one week do I ;-)
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No definatly dont go by your wiifit.Mine says i am at a bigger loss on them.So i dont take it for gospel.I just go on there to do the training and just for a mess around on the body test!
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I even take my glasses off! lol :D
I'd pluck my eyebrows and trim my finger/toenails first too!!! :D :D heheheh

Just kidding! But it came close at times!! ;)

Worry not - its just not possible to gain 8 pounds when you are absaining. Certainly a glich with the Wii. :)
lol , once again you are all right :) , i went on it this morning and it now tells me i have lost 1st 5lb since the other day ! if only :D
perhaps so ! :D lol


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Yeah - the WiiFit, while fun, is TOTALLY inaccurate. I love mine when it tells me nice things - but mostly I ignore it and kick the balance board under the sideboard and sulk on the sofa, haha. xx
i think it depends on where you have it and what type of floor its on my wii fit is usually 2lbs off unfortunately the wrong way tells me im 2lb lighter than i am however at my mums i go on it and its always right. went to the docs a couple of weeks ago on my wi day to get my blood pressure taken and pill check the scales at docs said i had lost 11lb that week when i went to get weighed had lost 6lb so 5lb difference. im glad its that way though as i always look good when i go to the docs now hehe.


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Good point OM! I never realised how much difference a floor can make. Until I was weighing myself upstairs before W/I to try and work out the difference between the two and the scales went all odd and kept saying ERR! Turns out its because I have fluffy carpet in my bedroom. Its better on the laminate flooring downstairs! I expect a WII works on the same ideals!

B x
yup, scales on carpet, especially fluffy carpet, seem to add anywhere up to 14lbs (my scales here, when on my bathroom tiles, show me at around 19st 5lbs, which is right, whereas on my bedroom carpet they show me as 20st 3lbs! :eek: )

If it's not a digital scale, I don't trust it :p

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