8 Stone to Lose - will 5:2 help?

Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by Davey1984, 27 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Davey1984

    Davey1984 Full Member

    Hi all,

    I have 8 stone to lose and was wondering if 5:2 would help me lose this weight or is it more of a maintenance plan than a weight loss plan. I have read so much conflicting information and I hope somebody can help advise me.

    Thank you so much xxx
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  3. carrieclaus

    carrieclaus Gold Member

    It'll definitely help you lose weight! There is a fasting calculator online to advise your tdee kcals which you shouldn't go over on non fast days and the number of fasting days will depend on how quickly you want to lose the weight. You shouldn't have consecutive fasting days though. Xxx
  4. Davey1984

    Davey1984 Full Member

    Thank u so much Hun for your reply.

    So you think it's possible to lose 8 stone doing 5:2 xxxx
  5. Davey1984

    Davey1984 Full Member

    Sorry for the double reply, what about 4:3 instead xxx
  6. Kira

    Kira Gold Member

    Hi Davey, I have a friend who like Carrie did 5:2 and some 4:3 days and she lost 4 stones. As Carrie says the TDEE calculator will help set the calories for non fasting days. Whilst my friend didn't count calories on non fasting days she still was strict with her intake of carbs etc and I think being mindful and having salads and healthy foods not eating inbetween meals and water helped her.

    I think doing a plan that you feel you can stick to is crucial regardless of how much weight one has to lose - I have such a small amount in comparison to lose but I have struggled on and off and yo yo 'ed so clearly do not follow my method of weight loss! Good luck on starting your weight loss journey and I am sure you will do well.
  7. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Yes, weight loss is very doable on 5:2, or 4:3 if you feel you want to, I am currently doing 4:3. It isn't as hard as you might think and certainly worth a try.
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