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84 weeks and 4 days!

I never know how to start these things! I feel like I’m talking to myself while hoping someone else will be reading (lol!)

So I’m Clare, I’m 21. I’m getting married in 84 weeks and 4 days (a friend of mine bought me a count-down chalk board thing, I’ve not actually counted but just presumed she was right!) to a wonderful man who (apparently!) thinks I’m wonderful. Unfortunately, I don’t agree.

I’m moody, I’m grumpy, I have THE worst mood swings and the majority of it is down to unhappiness about my weight, I think. It could be that I’ll lose all the weight I need to and still be an absolute arse, but I’m blaming the weight for now!

I joined this site in October last year firstly on Slimfast. That lasted about a week and a half (if even!). I have a weird relationship with milk and making up the shakes made me feel sick after a while and it got to the point I’d rather not eat than have another bloody strawberry shake. So I gave up. My mum, at the time, was on Weight Watchers so she gave me her log in for the website so I could have a look around and figured it looked good.

Thus, my on/off relationship with weight watchers started. I lost 7lb in my first week (although I think I might have had my shoes on when I weighed in the first time so I’m not sure how accurate that is!) and then lost another 3-4lb and then put on 2lb and then lost 1lb and then put on…etc etc. So until about July this year I was hovering around the 11 and a half stone mark. I believe a healthy BMI for me is about 9 and a half stone, so still a bit to go!

We got engaged in May in Rome – and it was lovely. Booked our wedding for 7th April 2013 in the most amazing venue I could imagine and I’ve even got a dress! The problem with the dress is that it already makes my waist look TINY so it’s not the most motivating for weight loss, if only I could wear it every day!

Long story short, I’ve managed to lose that other half stone now – so I’m hovering around 11st exactly (yay), with about a stone to a stone and a half to lose.

I strongly dislike my job at the moment (in fact, I’m writing this rather than working) and I’m trying to convince the other half to decorate the house so we can rent out and move out. He’s agreed, but actually getting the gears in motion is a different story. I’m going back to college 2 nights a week starting 6th September, so I’ll be busy busy!

I really want to lose this weight and I know it’s only me that can make it shift but when you’re in the office 8 hours a day and it’s around 3pm and you know there’s a vending machine with galaxy caramels in it…it’s bloody hard!

So I plan to pop on here at those times instead, get a little moan (or happy news!) out of my system, and then back to work…euch!
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S: 13st0lb C: 10st2lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 2st12lb(21.98%)
Class story!! I was 13 stone when i started- well 12stone 13 and 3/4.... now down to 9.11.- And my mood swings haven't yet gone!!

This last stone is the bloody hardest, infact this week i put on 1 1/2 lbs- even tho folowing diet to the book + loads exercise. So just had enought today and pigged out seen as i put on weight eating bloody lettuce leafs all week!

Aw Rome how romantic!! The most romantic thing my other half has done for me is said yeah, i can tell your loosin weight, your big lumps on your back have gone, hmm, thank you, i think!

Well have fun at work!! its bloody hard when theres food round you all time. But stick to it!! it will be hard but results be amazin!!
Oh I meant to say! I did the 30 day shred religiously for 12 days - and put on 1.5lb, I was not happy. Turned into a 12 day shred for me and I lost 4lb the first week back on WW after our engagement party!

Me and exercise are not friends :p
82 weeks and 6 days now.

I’m fully in wedding planning mode at the moment. I’ve paid for my flowers (got a really good price) and negotiating with my hair/makeup woman at the moment. She’s wanting £135 per person but she did my mum’s last year for £70 p/person. I know there’s inflation but that’s taking the piss! Hopefully be able to talk her down to £150 for me & my bridesmaid.

Diet has been going okay. I didn’t make weigh in this week ‘cause my monthly pass didn’t turn up in time and I was waiting for the Tesco delivery to come anyway. Starting college this week so have changed my weigh in day to a Saturday – hopefully that will work better for me – but we’ll see!

Went to M&S yesterday to return something and walked through the food bit with my other half – ended up starving! So I bought a veg samosa, I knew it’d be over my normal points I use for lunch but I calculated it after I’d eat it and it was TWENTYNINE points! That’s my daily allowance!!

Back on track today though, determined to get into the 10’s. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and did that whole breathing in thing that everyone does – haha! – and I realised that when I breath in that actually takes me to where I’d be happy with. Usually I breath in and I still have a bit to go - but I’m quite happy with this discovery.

However, to put a dampener on that – I tried on a dress my gran had given me in a 12 and it’s mega tight around my arms. Damn arm fat, lol!

Onwards and upwards! (Or inwards, hopefully!)
80 weeks and 6 days!

So I took a day off work on Friday, apparently that’s a mistake in this office. I work with 1 other girl. I’m not really sure how to refer to her as she’s not my assistant per se, but she’s certainly not on a par with me in terms of ability or willingness to work! Let’s call her Angela, partly ‘cause that’s her name.

First thing she does in the morning is to open her personal emails, they stay open all day and get far more attention than the work inbox – now, the irony of this has not passed me by as I write this for my blog – but every day! She also has this horrible habit of not touching anything that looks difficult. We deal with customs payments for freight coming into Europe. Since the 1st September, it’s been ridiculously busy. I figure, one day can’t hurt. Long story short, I’ve come back this morning to a snide email from my manager about not clearing inboxes when I did, it’s just not been done frequently enough when I’m not in the office, and a pile of work to do left from Friday which massively outstrips the little that was done on Friday.

Angela has decided to take the day off work today with a cold. I’m not even gonna go there!

I can imagine there’s a few meetings planned for me this afternoon as well, which isn’t ideal and it’s looking like a lunch at my desk sort of day!

So we’re finally back to food – the reason I’m on this site. After 11 months of Weight Watchers (on and off, I must add!) I have finally shifted 1 whole stone. I started at 11st 13lb and I’m now down to 10st 13lb. It has to be said that I’ve been 1lb off this several times but never managed to break that 11st barrier. I went to my weigh in this week expecting nothing as well. I’ve not really been following the plan lately – finding it difficult to work it into my life with work, college and everything else I’ve got going on – but somehow I’d lost 1lb!

Ended up going out for dinner on Saturday though. My excuse is that a plasterer came to do the kitchen and made an absolute mess. There was plaster all over the skirting/door frames and dust/plaster all over the worktops and floors. I’m not an expert, but I just presumed that if someone came into your house to do a job, they’d clean up after them? Maybe that’s being ridiculous.

However, I must get back to work – lots to do! Thought I’d give a small rant on here ‘cause if not, I was heading for the biscuits (if I could get away from my desk long enough to get them!)

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