Weight loss journey intro -


This is my journey to losing weight. I have tried in the past but bad habits and ‘life’ gets in the way. I do keep trying but something always pops up and its about time I need to put myself first!
This is my introduction and I will be doing a weigh in tomorrow morning which will be added. I am dedicating and motivated to try this time so I hope this is it!! Its not just about a date or time for me its my life and I really want to change this. I will be going on a VLCD, I know it can get hard and is hard of course it is when you do tend to have ‘little energy’ on anything low calorie but that is the point. You have get uncomfortable for a change to happen and this really needs to happen!!

Enough of my rant! I will update on here tomorrow about what I weigh. I will be using KGs to weigh myself but I have noticed a lot of people use Stones? I did try the google conversion to get an idea but it makes no sense so I’ll be sticking to KGs and try to get a conversion so I can see both measurements.

Height: 5ft 3.5 or 5ft4
I’m know im definitely not 5 ft 3 as every time I do measure I’m either taller by half an inch or a full inch? I don’t know, but thats an approximate of my height!!

Good luck to myself and everyone else too who is on their journey!!!
hi, so I know I said I was going to update you but have been super busy! I have been dreading weighing myself as it is a harsh reality that I must face but have to do it to keep consistent this time. I am 91kg which I believe is my heaviest. Converting this to stones is about 14 stones and 4 pounds! Yes this is a lot and sounds so scary honestly I think to myself how does it even get this far before I decided to do something about it. It is going to be hard to start off I know as it is Ramadan and honestly Ramadan means yummy food every day but I have to do this for myself. I know I won’t reach my goal weight by Eid but thats okay as I know this is not just for one event but this journey is for the rest of my life. I think thats what most people forget, and it can put you off too sometimes as I know weight can get stuck or whatever so yes as I was saying I need to do this. I know it will be difficult because of all the yummy foods I will be ‘missing’ out on but I need to remember the bigger goal I have in mind. It was bad enough that I put all this on due to lifestyle changes etc from moving around however I need to get my own body back! I will try to blog on here daily what I was thinking and feeling throughout the day to keep myself going. I will also do weekly/2x weekly weight updates! I don’t like weighing myself too much as I feel our bodies always fluctuate but I am going to have to in order to keep track of how much my body is working and if what I am living on for the next few months is good enough to help keep my body and metabolism going. So here:

Start weight:
Kg: 91.8
Stones: 14 st 4lb (according to google) or 6lb (according to my scale)

Mood: feeling okay slightly hungry. Energy levels are okay too.

Temptations: none yet but I know the family are having samosas today so this will be very tempting! But samosas are here forever! I can have them after if I so want.
Hi. Welcome to the forum & good luck. What VLCD are you using?

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Just a quick little update so far. I know I haven’t been posting as much as I intended to but that is because I have been super busy! But its great its keeping my mind off food and boredom eating which I used to do a lot! I am currently down to 89kg which is not too bad! I feel like my weight has stalled in the past 2 days as as it has been stuck on 89 since then. I know its stupid to assume you would lose anything in only 2 days but when you constantly check and then see the same number it can get annoying! But nonetheless I’ve come down from 91.8-92 to 89!! So its about 2-3kg lost which is not too bad at all! I think thats about 4-6 pounds! Not too bad! I think my problem is I am checking my weight in KG and not stones or pounds which makes it oddly seem like I’m not losing much? If that makes sense? I dont know but I feel like that. I think I will be checking my weight more in pounds and stones than KG as I was feeling rather down when I measured myself in KG then felt better knowing its 4-6 pounds so yes definitely going to change my readings! I will hopefully update you now on Monday! Maybe Sunday? Not sure I will see I am nervous to weigh myself now after this week as I do know I am coming towards my period and near my period my body just shuts down and seems as though I’m not losing anything! But I do need to remember it isss indeed my period soon so the scale may go back up or move slower than expected.

Oh! I know it is easter so I will be sacrificing a lot of chocolates 😂 but its okay I have longer term plans instead of one chocolate on one day so I will keep going.

So that was my little update on my progress. I hope if anyone is reading then they do become inspired and do join me on my journey if they haven’t started theirs already.

Good luck everyone you got this!!! 👏

Also try to weigh yourself in pounds/stones it will help!!