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To all of you,
Those that have read and replied to my thread giving me the positive vibes that I needed today,
But mostly to all the people that have bothered to take the time to mail me with help and advice on what to do and also for all the kind messages

Ive got through tea time without even a lick of anything other than water or my chick and mushroom soup and cooked for the family a lovely meal then watch them finish off the muffins, with out so much as a blink from me,

18lbs is a lot of weight to lose in 3 weeks, better than ive ever managed before and I WILL DO THIS

I have a frozen choc velvet to look forward to once the kids are in bed and me and hubbie snuggle up to watch a DVD

Ive mailed a few CDCs in this area so we shall keep our fingers crossed they are not all hopeless, otherwise I will be travelling to Icemooses neck of the woods to search him out :D

Once again a big thank you ,All of you, Im so glad your there for me and anyone else who needs you, and I promise one day, somehow I will return the favour.

Glad you're feeling motivated again Lisa. We are all here for you so just holler when you need us!!! :)
Ah so the forum has worked its magic again. Glad to hear you're back on par again :D