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A new me by another Newbie...

Hiya, i'm Bec!

I can't really say i am new to this website as i used it a few years back when i done Lipotrim and failed miserably. I am now starting Xenical in the morning and i am very excited. I am also a little nervous as i have heard mixed reviews, so all good experiences i'd love to hear about!!

So, this is really a new start for me. After turning 30 this year and being made redundant at christmas from my 13 year job as a head chef, i am trying to get a job in Admin.
Also, i had my long blonde hair cut off to VERY short brown hair and i am now also in my 4th month of giving up smoking too.

I cannot wait to get started and keep reading everyone's posts. Good Luck to everyone on here, i wish you all the best of luck and i hope your dreams come true.
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Well done on making all those decisions in your life, it can't have been easy after losing your job. Best of luck with losing weight.


Violet is shrinking
Good luck!
Hiya Storm...

I thought i started off quite well but i dont seem to think so any more! :-(
I'm weighing myself on Tuesday but thought that i'd have a cheeky weigh today and i have only lost 4lbs? I dont know if that is normal or if people lose a lot more? I dont think i am doing the diet right. Im eating a LOT of vegetables/fruit and im not eating enough fat etc. On Friday i only ate 8.1g of fat in the whole day and the most fat i have eaten in one day is 30.7g. Are you meant to have the whole 15g per meal?! I booked in to the weight clinic at my doctors when i started this to talk to someone but i couldnt get an appointment until Aug 22nd! :-( How much did you lose in your first week? I see you have lost 11lbs so far! Well done! :) x
Remember this is a long-term loss not a quick-fix solution. 4lbs is great and you're only half way through the week!

I've been on Xen 3 weeks now and lost 7.5, 3, 3.6lbs each week. The first week was straight after having visitors so I'd put on a bit of extra weight which was probably quite easy to lose again.

I don't think I eat enough fat for Xen to be most effective max 20g in a day normally but I'm not going to play around with my diet too much until I plateau - while it's working I'll stick with it!

Stick with it and you'll have a good loss to show on the 22nd.
Well, week one over and I lost 6lbs today!! Yay! Really pleased! Also, day 100 of not smoking so feeling on top of the world today! :) I'm going to go through all of my old clothes tomorrow and make myself some goals to get into them! :)
Bring on week 2!!!
I hope you are doing well Storm! Thanks for the advise. I know it's not a quick fix but I am a little impatient! Lol x
Well done on the 6lb that's a great start and suddenly losing weight seems possible. Remember to update your ticker.

I'm making sure I wear the nice clothes I have now as I'd hate for them to go to waste - when I think of all the clothes I have in different sizes and the value of them there'll have to be a lot of ebaying in future.
Hiya Bec, Big congrats on the weight loss!! Thats fab!! With regards to sorting your clothes and setting some goals, dont forget the clothes you lose too much weight to wear. I sold all of mine on ebay and bought myself a whole new wardrobe! I remember how rubbish i felt when i was big and shopping for clothes, it made me feel awful, so knowing that someone has avoided a changing room meltdown and bought an item of my clothing (which helps me buy a new item of clothing) makes me feel happy! They shop, I shop! Everyones a winner!! lol. xxx
Thank you Storm, Megarinnyroo and Helen!!! :)

My sister eBay's a lot so i will have to get her to teach me how to sell things!! I will go through all of my things tomorrow and see!! I do like shopping and i am sure i will like it a LOT More when i am skinny!! hee hee!

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