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A newbie looking for a helping hand...


I'm new. New to RTM and new to this.
I'm half way through week 2 RTM. I'm really struggling. I was ridiculousy strict and controlling during foundation and didn't lapse once (and that was over Christmas!) I've lost almost 3 and a half stone. But now I've got the choice of food I'm going a little crazy.

I could do with some help.

I'm eating what's allowed but big portions. PLUS still having my food packs which just feels wrong.

(Apologies for this next bit...) My periods whilst I was on foundation were super regular but now I'm almost 2 weeks over due and really grumpy and sad and just can't feel full enough.

I don't know what to do. I keep telling myself it's not bad. That at least I'm binging on sugar free jelly, fat free yoghurt, salad and chicken and not gorging on loaves of bread and chocolate but I'm starting to spin out.

I'm working full time and performing in a play in the evenings. I'm not sleeping well anymore and I'm worried.

I never doubted that I'd keep it off before but I am now. My will power appears to have dimished with spinach!

Any advice would be ever so welcome.

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Hi Sal

I have a feeling you are eating unconsciously? Am I right? Sorry if I am being presumptious.

also its that time of year when everyone feels alittle blue and down which does not help.

My advice to you is to make sure you have a menu plan. Variety is a key too it keeps you interested. Also set the table for yourself complete with candles and enjoy every mouthful.

Also re periods being overdue, the obvious question is are you pregnant? The next is you are stressed and tired could also be the reason.

Hope I don't sound condescending I don't mean to. Hang in there the best advice I can give is the planning thing sort of feels like abstinence then, cause you know what you can have.

Good luck and use this forum its great for when you need a lift or a laugh.
Thanks Tange.

Much appreciated and not condescending at all.

I plan everything to the minute! That's why I'm stressing out. I make my meals the day before. I come to work, I make sure I don't have more than I need but what I make tends to be a lot of salad and a small baked chicken breast with mustard and balsamic vinegar but for some reason the fact that I can have snacks this week has tipped me over the edge. I just want yoghurt too! And I have no idea whether that's a snack or not or if I'm allowed flavoured yoghurt if it's fat free?

Thankfully not pregnant, unless I'm carrying the next messiah! (You do still need to have sex to get pregnant right!?). I' just can't seem to shake the fact that I'm full. You know, I know I'm full but I can't/don't want to listen to my body right now for some reason. I just feel I need the food... you're totally right though. It's about the stress.

How did you do it?



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I'm at the exact same stage (time wise) as I start week 3 of RTM on Thursday. I find my portions at my evening meal are bigger now than when I started but I've been obsessively counting the calories and I'm on a plan where I'm eating every 3 hours and still not having enough calories. I guess my point is that it may feel like you're eating too much when you're really not.

Today for example I've had/will have.

7:30 am - Choc shake blended with ice and coffee
10:30am- muller light yoghurt
13:30pm-Mushroom soup
16:30pm-peanut bar and coffee
19:30pm-200g prawns with salad (leaves, pepper, spring onion,mushrooms, cucumber]
20:30-1/4 pint sugar free jelly with 50g fat free fromage frais

Total calories in - 763, Fat, 14g, saturated fat, 4g, Calories burned (treadmill 350), net calories in - 413 (far too low)

I can't believe how low the numbers are even with such a big evening meal. I don't eat the meal to the point of bursting but I do enjoy it and like feeling a little 'fuller' than when I eat at other points in the day. I'm finding that focusing more on calories in vs calories out is working for me but I struggle to see when I'm going to fit MORE eating into my day. As you drop another food pack in week 3 I plan on adding a couple of pieces of fruit in but that's not gonna up my calories due to losing the food pack.

Quite a lot of poeple recommend upping the calorie intake by 100 ad day every week. Means we should be aiming for between 700-730 a day on week 2. Are you counting the calories? Are your numbers anything like mine? I ask cos I;ve lost nearly half a stone since I started RTM and I feel like I;m eating ALL the time lol. :)
That's a really good way of looking at it. I'm going to start counting.
I haven't managed to make any of my meeting due to the play I'm doing and I don't think that's helping.

I really need to do my homework too. A lot of time is needed for this bit and I just don't seem to have it.
No excuses though.

Thank you Guy.

Thank you.

8am Vanilla shake with hot water & little bit of peanut bar & cup of tea
1pm: Baked chicken with mustard, balsamic, spinach, spring onion & mushroom
2pm: Sugar free jelly
3.30: fat free toffee yoghurt
4.30: sliced pepper
5pm: rest of peanut bar.


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I use a website called nutracheck it costs about £13 for three months access, but I am fanatical about counting calories, its the only way I know i am on track.
Hang in there ifyou are only eating loads of lettuce its not the end of the world.
I hope one day it will be natural for me to just eat and know but I still feel that the more I have it written down somewhere the better.
Great advice from Guy.
Thank you for all your advice guys ;)
It really made the world of difference.

I am back on track.

Quick question about portions... do you find they look really large even though they're slightly less than you would ahve had before and that you seem to be constantly eating?

I look at my food diary every day and it doesn't look like a lot. And the calories aren't a lot either but I seem to constantly munching!

How's it all going with you?


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That is exactly how I felt. And where I made my mistakes, by not snacking I would end up being too hungry. So don't worry if your calories are in line you will be just fine.

Snacking is now a firm part of my life.
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I agree Solok - I sometimes find it looks life far more then I am having. Somedays, I find its an effort to get ENOUGH calories in.

I think for me, It is because I am not snacking. I am sure that is where all my excess calories came from pre-LL, snacking, so I am trying not to. Then at the ened of the the day the total sometimes it low - sometimes far too low.

We are also eating healthier low calorie food now by choice, so its a bit of work finding the right balance.,

You'll get there. You will. :)

Rock it! You know you want to ! :D :D :D



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I look at my food diary every day and it doesn't look like a lot. And the calories aren't a lot either but I seem to constantly munching!

How's it all going with you?
I know what you mean. I started week 3 today and I'm eating almost every 2 hours now! My food diary for today.

7am - Mandarin muller light and a Sharon fruit
9:30am- peanut bar and coffee
11:30am - apple
1:30pm - mushroom soup
4pm - Pear
7pm - Chicken Breast with Salad
8pm - 1/4 pint sugar free jelly with Fat free Fromage frais

Total calories - 705! Fat 10g - Sat Fat 3g
Burned (treadmill) - 350
Net Calores - 355! (WTF)

I can't start eating every hour surely......


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Once you have more choice the calories will be more and then you will see that it evens itself out.

I have breakfast of about 250 cals, lunch is usually 300 - 400 and dinner around 500. Then I have fruit in between as a snack. I go the gym 3 - 4 times a week too. If I do this during the week it allows me to have a naughty day during the weekend.
So... how many calories, plus packs should we be having a day in the first few weeks?
I'm away from home and can't make my meetings so just not sure I am doing it right!?

I have breakfast at 7.50am then don't eat again till 1.15pm then don't stop eating (it seems like) till 7pm!

With the snacks, it's 225g a day plus unlimited dip? That can't be right? And unlimited yoghurt and jelly? I'm obviously not eating all of that but it just seems like so much!?

thanks again guys (and Guy!)


nearly there!! :)
u start rtm in the first week on 600 cals, the u add 100 cals each week until the 12th week!!
yup ur right bout the menu...any way u could fit anything into the big break u have in the morning? this would help ur blood sugar levels to stay constant meanin u wont start craving stuff!!
if ur on ur cals then u have nothing to worry bout! i still feel like im constantly eating...only diff is i now dont reach for stuff when im bored or emotional!!
ur doing fab hunni xxx

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