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A nice moment today!!

I have a 40th birthday coming up on 10 th July and have been worrying about what to wear and what size I will be.
I am currently size 16 top and size 14/ 16 bottoms
Anyway, Today i popped into a shop and saw a lovely linen dress covered in pink and cream flowers.. you know the sort of big print I would have run screaming from a few weeks ago... (Black seemed so safe back then)

Anyway, took a 16 in and tried it, I got a bit choked! thing is, and not only did it fit (maybe even a bit loose) But it looked so pretty and I have a figure for the first time in about 15yrs!!!

So I bought it.... now the dilema is, I might be int he 14th in a months time so shall I go buy the 14 now and try both on the week before taking back the one that doesn't fit, or try this on nearer the time and take a chance on getting the dress in a smaller size...

I am so excited.....

I want to thank CD and my new CD family for saving my sanity.... I am so much happier now (even with all the other stuff going on in my life right now) than I have been in such a long time!!

Thank you xxxxxxxx
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i would get the 14 now, just in case you need it and they dont have it when you need it.
and congratulations!!


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I would get the 14 now especially as the 16 was a bit loose.


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The 14. You'll do it... and you'll rock it, Tilly. Well done, and I know just what you mean about the minis support too... yay!!!!

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I would definately go back and buy the 14, I would think the 16 would be much too big in a months time.... I have found I have shrunk a lot in the last month even though I haven't lost as much weight as I did before... yep, I would definately get the 14 and congratulations on that.... I was the same when I went from a 14 to a 12, wanted to buy the 14 as it seemed "safe", but really the 12's fit fine.
On the subject of buying something you dont normally, I went out a bought a dress yesterday for my MIL 50th party next month, now I am so ungirly it is unbelievable, the last time I think I wore a skirt was when DH took my to The Savoy and I wore a black ankle length skirt with my DMs.... so to buy a knee length dress with flowers on was so outside my comfort zone, but DH said last night with much surprise in his voice (even though he would love me to wear dresses) that actually it really suits you.... I am still in 2 minds though as it is so outside my comfort zone of black everything (it is white with pink and orange flowers and green leaves)... so Tilly good on you, we are obviousy getting much more confident in ourselves to buy things like we now are....


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Definitely go and get that 14! Well done Tilly, I am so chuffed for you xxx
Aw thanks girls...
I will get the 14 but will hold on to the 16 just in case i can take it back within 30 days...

Will have to wait a few days though because I ahve just secured two tickets fro will young in November... I missed out last time and I sooooo love him!!

Hey and this time I will have the energy to bop!



can see the end in sight!
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well done tilly! i bet you looked lovely in it, and will be soon reaching for the 14! x


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Really pleased for you Tilly.......yep go get the 14 as well....keep the choice even though your not gonna need the 16!


Excited about the new me!
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Tilly.. what a lovely feeling and you'll look amazing in the 14 too. I went shoppint yest, and picked up a size 20 top, im usually 18, but always prefered bigger and looser fittings, so got an 18 too.. I was OTM that the 18 fit and it was loose. Have only lost 15lb's so far, but the inches are big.. 10 from my waiste and 3 from my bust, so probably thats where I've been able to get into a smaller size. I haven't shifted from my hips yet.. so need to try and do more exercise now im on ss+.



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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hon thats fantastic.. So happy for you, you have done so well..............
14 for sure take that 16 back you wont need it..
Keep smiling hon your doing fab & you should be soooooo proud.x


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Oh definitely get the 14!

Have every confidence in you, you skinny thing you!
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definitely the 14 beyond a shadow of a doubt and you will be a shadow of your former self in it!!! Well done Im really proud of you


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Looks like everyones saying the same, get the 14. What a fab feeling that must be.
I am definitely going to get the 14.
I tried it on again earlier and it actually a little gaping at the back bodice, I think I might need some really good tummy control pants :D especially if I do go for the 14 ,...

unny really, we get so used to wearing baggy clothes, that wearing slim fitting clothes feels very odd.



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yey get the 14!!

In my first photos 6 weeks on my suit was 16 and my may ones I brought the same style in a 12!!! it happens you know you will feel great xx


I WILL be thin!!
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I agree, go for the 14! I celebrate my 40th on 1st July and havent even thought what I'm going to wear or if theres even any point buying anything just for one day only for it never to be worn again as I lose more weight.
I had my own 40th in January and wore a red velvet dress.... I had a wonderful time but I do wish I had some slim pics to look back on...

I suppose the good thing is that I will now have to have a 40th mark2 on my 41st :)

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Definitely the 14 and we would all love you to post a pic on here of you wearing the aforementioned sized 14 and looking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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