A Not So Ikkle Ikkle87.


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Hiya guys, I only found this board tonight and thought I would come and introduce myself. I am 21 years old and live in Leeds. I have recently joined slimming world and am due for my 3rd weigh in on Thursday. I started off at 25stone 2lb and am now at 24stone 5lb. I am 6ft 2 as well so by no means am I little.

I am losing weight for me and my health really as I have had a lot of problems not all weight related but which the weight has no doubt not helped. Exercise is a toughy for me but I am getting there and am slowly but surely becoming more and more active.

So anyhow thats me.

Ikkle xx
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Hi there ickle87,

Welcome to minimins hun, its a great site and you'll have loads of inspiration from some wonderful people.

I'm 31 years old and my starting weight was 22st 13lbs (even though i was up to 24st 4lbs at one stage) I'm on the cambridge diet and coming to the end of my 4th week. I love the WW diet though but the cambridge works for me .. so far. I haven't been under 20 st for 13 years, so i'm just aiming to weigh 19st 13lbs for now... it means so much to me!

You've had a great start, keep it up! Don't worry too much about the exercise, i'm sure the more you lose the weight, the more you'll want to exercise so it'll all work out for the best for you.

Good luck in your journey, I hope you get to where you want to be soon :D

Take care


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Welcome and well done on your weight loss :happy096: and good luck with your weight on Thursday!

Love Mini xxx


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Oooh im 21 too.. hehe..
Welcome to minimins..! SW is a brill diet.. im doing it too.. and really enjoying it.. well done on the weight loss so far.. thats fantastic..

x x

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Hi Ikkle! good luck on your weightloss journey!


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Thanks for the welcome guys. I'm enjoying slimming world, have lost 17lb in 3 weeks so far. Is costing me a fortune though because I made a deal with my nan for every lb I lose i will put £1 in a sealed tin.


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Hiya Ickle, welcome on board.
Your Nan has the right idea! Just think of the fab jeans and boots you can buy with the money when you are finished! and how bloomin fab you will look in them.
Keep up the good work and you will soon be there.
Lynne x


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Hiya just wanted to say welcome and hope you do well with SW. :)


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Hi ickle!
I'm 22, from near Leeds and I do the money in a tin thing - well I have a piggy bank.
He's worth a hundred euros (I live in France) so far because in addition to weight lost I also pay him 10 euros a month because I don't pay to go to a slimming club and when I'm struggling I give him a euro for every good day as a reward. It's all towards a shopping spree when I reach my target weight. :D

Good luck with SW!!!