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A Positive & Productive Day :)


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I've had a very productive day - after my downer day yesterday i decided to look into volunteer work and......

I have just applied for 3 volunteer positions; one at dartmoor prison helping prisoners record/write/act out short stories for them to be able to send to their kids.

Another being an appropriate adult for those who are considered youths that have no representation when arrested so an appropriate adult is called in in order to make sure they recieve and understand all their rights etc.

And the final one being working with offenders to help them identify the issues causing them problems and then putting them in touch with the relevant agencies.

:fingerscrossed: i hear back from one of them! The applications say should hear within 10 working days!!! :D
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HI Summer

Well done!!! Fair play to you... not many people would offer their time...

I am sure whatever you do, it will be well rewarded in so many ways... I have done some before and it's wonderful what you get back...

Best of luck with the volunteer work!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good for you. Nice to see you upbeat.
thats great hun, not enough volunteers. be so rewarding helping people.
good luck, ull prob get offered all 3.

x x


Life is not a Rehersal!
Good on you Tanya...sometimes it takes days like that to get us moving!

All in the life of a Lipotrimmer!

Fingers and toes crossed for ya sweetie..hope you hear back; sounds very interesting and rewarding too!!!!
summergurl thank you so much for posting this, make me think. my girls are at school from 9-3, only so much cleaning the house and exercise i can do. not going back to my full time job till ive lost the weight and 100% fit (gym & boxercise instructor) and hubby likes to earn the money, suits me for now.
so was thinking i should volunteer too. looked on line at childrens charities and applied to do counselling for the nspcc. i adore kids and to think i could help just 1 of them makes me happy.
so thx hun, probably wouldnt of thought of it without reading ur post.


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Ahhh cool Jenny - beats sitting at home being a lemon doesnt it! Hope you get it :)

10 days is a long time for me to wait - im already itching to know!!! haha
Wonderful stuff - as Scotsmist says, sometimes it take s areal downer of a day/week/month/even eyar - to really shove you into making changes :)

Good for you, any of those projects would be lucky to have a personality like you working with them. Fingers crossed here for you!
THAT'S WHAT i'M TALKING ABOUT!!! Good on ya girl, never sit under your blues for long enough to let them sink in. You're gonna be brilliant! :D
awww good for you Tanya. and what amazing and interesting work all of those would make. if i had the time i would love to do somthing like that. Maybe when the boys have grown uo a bit.

not very often people want to do something for nothing so bravo :)
Aww Tanya, haven't been able to get online so didn't know you had a downer. Sorry to hear that but glad you've picked yourself up again.

What fantastic volunteer posts! They will be all so rewarding and satisfying. It's great that you're giving something back. I'd love to have the time to do something like that. Well done sweetie! I hope you hear back before 10 days as I'd be bursting to know if I've been accepted or not!

Good luck! *fingers crossed*


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Thanks guys :) Make sure you keeps yer fingers and toes crossed :fingerscrossed: hehe!! :)
*fingers crossed* Not crossing the toes as I get the cramp and it takes me ages to get them uncrossed again!

You'll probably be offered them all as I expect they're crying out for great people like yourself.
Hey Tanya,

Well THIS is the strong, motivated and pro-active girly we know and love. It's great to see you being positive and making things happen for yourself.

I'll keep everything crossed for you hun


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