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a question for counsellors

or anyone thats got any info...

i was thinking last night about the whole ketosis thingy and couldnt help but wonder....

i know that your metabolism works faster at night and i wondered if it mattered when you took your sachets?

so if i took them early i would burn less fat than if i took my satchets later on in the day...

do you know what i mean?

sorry im just easily confused lol
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its fine hun i ment to add that anyone can post any info they have x


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You metabolism is slower at night, so most people say have the first one earlier to 'wake it up' :)

Personally, I don't think it makes a lot of difference, especially on SS, and some people find that delaying the first shake keeps them going until lunch a bit better.

Probably best to space them out though, as having two together can knock you out of ketosis. Otherwise, just have them when you feel ready :)
I think there is some truth to the whole "starting your metabolism early in the moring" thing, as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Wether that holds true while in Ketosis, I have no idea, and as someone else said, so long as you have your 4 in 24 hours, you'll be fine.

All I know it that this morning, I woke up at 6am and really wanted a shake! lol


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Bev! lol you make my laugh, finally a woman who is as crude as me, now if only i liked women i would marry ya! lol

Back on topic, i really don't think it matters what time you shake your .... blender mwha. I usually have my first at 12-1pm, then my last at 8pm. Keeps me going easily. Water on the other hand, cut off point is 7:30, far to many nice pee'ing at 4am for me thank you very much!!
I think I'm going to suffer the "night pee'n" tonight - it's almost 8pm and I've still got 1 litre to drink :(

just noticed from your sig Martyn that you've lost over 1stone in only 2 weeks! WOW! :eek: good for you! :cool:


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Yea, i have started to drink 1 liter before my first pack so i can chug my way through it lol. Nice pee's are soooo bloody annoying, especially when the house is cold and your wrapped up snuggly in bed lol. Or when you have finally got your feet warm (my feet are always cold since i started this diet!!) and then the urge strikes lol.

And yea, i can't belive i am going to have (hopefully) lost 2stone in 3 weeks! Thats worth any amount of night pee's! lol

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