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A warning if youre going to place an order

Just a wee heads up to anyone going to place an order...

As this blooming country grinds to a total standstill with more than 3 flakes of snow apparantly the courier companies are causing problems with delivery. Why I dont know since there was what 2 days snow and the roads have been clear for days but somehow they have a 5 day backlog of deliveries.

IF youre needing to place an order soon might be worth ordering it a bit earlier. I ordered mine last Thursday and its going to be this Thur/Fri before it arrives :cry:
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Yeah I ordered last wed and still not got an email to say when it will be delivered!
Count yourself lucky its arriving so quickly Starlight. Ive been waiting for a delivery which has been sitting with HDNL since 2/12 and noone knows when Ill get it. Really starting to get annoyed now but dont want to phone someone about as coz Im usually Im the poor person on the phone getting the abuse so dont want to do it to someone else.
Thurs/Fri IF the weather doesnt deteriorate so I dont hold out much hope!

Its a damn disgrace, youd think it had been really bad for weeks. It was TWO days - TWO yet the whole delivery network has ground to a halt.

None of the big stores are accepting on line orders now for delivery - this country is absolutely pathetic for coping with anything other than 'regular' weather yet other countries seem to cope fine :mad:
Couldnt agree with you more. It is absolutely beyond a joke now. And the snow is supposed to start again on Thursday so Im just hoping it comes before then. After all they are always quick enough to take your money.
The excuse for that one is the backlog. Although I love how they are prioritising the deliveries that are late instead of just carrying on and fitting them in where they can.
Im absolutely raging!! I ordered flowers for my mums b'day from next, due for delivery today and I just phoned and was told 'Oh were not delivering to Scotland' Not only have they charged me for them but they never had the damn manners to let me know.

So theres a total blanket ban on deliveries to Scotland - for NO REASON :mad:

Im SO angry, Ive now had to phone several florists to find one who can do me a bouquet at short notice
I think thats the most frustrating part - the not being kept informed. If they let you know you would have plenty of time to sort things out and the like but instead they keep you guessing until its too late to do anything about it.
I'm in Scotland too and almost all the snow is away why arent they delivering? It's crazy... We are due more snow over the weekend maybe that's it?


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hey, just wondered sorry to gatecrash but if i wanted to start exante in the new year, when should i order the bumper pack? how long does it take for delivery? i am in west mids so shouldnt be affected by snow hopefully
Oh u darlings..... must be annoying to wait for stuff. Am in Essex so got mine in 3 days (last week) and there was snow at the time. x
We just got a next day delivery parcel today at work that was sent on the 6th December!! I am a dental nurse and we almost ran out of amalgam!!! Not good!
i had no problems with my order last week. it arrived the next day as expected.
im not in scotland but i done an online shop in boots today and they said that they have stopped all online orders to scotland.
it is stupid that snow makes this country come to a standstill. i mean come on,, we have snow every year. its expected but we come to a halt. madness!!! :mad:
I'm going to poland in January, they have it bad every year and things still run.

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