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A word of warning for those with a wii......

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Grappling with life
oops indeed! Had to phone DH and explain then I had to clear up the mess, it shattered so badly and everywhere. Had to haul the dog upstairs out of the way while I cleared up. All I got was a tiny scratch on my arm. And so concludes todays activity.

Conclusive - exercise is dangerous!


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were you not wearing the strap that comes with it around your wrist?


Grappling with life
yes i had the strap on - my hand went right through the light fitting! Didn't think my ceilings were that low to be honest, but obviously they are!


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Your hand!?
Bludy hell you must have really low ceilings


Grappling with life
Well I had the wii remote in my hand and I assume thats what hit the light. It was a straight up movement found in the "eye of the tiger" routine! Trouble is cos it is one of those ceiling fan things its a bit lower than the other light fittings. Ah well, guess I won't be having my nice new knee high boots next week - i'll be buying a new light fitting.
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My hubby smashed our light too,playing the cricket !! I was sat in an armchair minding my own business and got showered in the glass-wsant hurt thankfully.
I still tease him about it !!
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Oh dear. On the plus side, Just Dance is a great fun way of burning a few calories :) Katy Perry Hot & Cold is my favourite routine.


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The wonderful Wii!! I did hit my daughter right in the mouth and we havent played it since! Im too worried she will walk behind me again when my arm flies back...


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Lol, I'm sorry, I just found this so funny. Not much sympathy from me then!!

Note to self, exercise can cause destruction!!

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
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Aw my goodness hun, I've hit all kinds when playing Wii - I've never broken anything yet though! :p Hope you get it fixed soon.
And you girls simply must get Just Dance 2, its fantastic! You should also come join our Just Dance challenge - we're gonna do a new one for November! :)

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