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A word of warning for those with a wii......


Grappling with life
oops indeed! Had to phone DH and explain then I had to clear up the mess, it shattered so badly and everywhere. Had to haul the dog upstairs out of the way while I cleared up. All I got was a tiny scratch on my arm. And so concludes todays activity.

Conclusive - exercise is dangerous!
were you not wearing the strap that comes with it around your wrist?


Grappling with life
yes i had the strap on - my hand went right through the light fitting! Didn't think my ceilings were that low to be honest, but obviously they are!
Your hand!?
Bludy hell you must have really low ceilings


Grappling with life
Well I had the wii remote in my hand and I assume thats what hit the light. It was a straight up movement found in the "eye of the tiger" routine! Trouble is cos it is one of those ceiling fan things its a bit lower than the other light fittings. Ah well, guess I won't be having my nice new knee high boots next week - i'll be buying a new light fitting.
My hubby smashed our light too,playing the cricket !! I was sat in an armchair minding my own business and got showered in the glass-wsant hurt thankfully.
I still tease him about it !!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
The wonderful Wii!! I did hit my daughter right in the mouth and we havent played it since! Im too worried she will walk behind me again when my arm flies back...
Lol, I'm sorry, I just found this so funny. Not much sympathy from me then!!

Note to self, exercise can cause destruction!!

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Aw my goodness hun, I've hit all kinds when playing Wii - I've never broken anything yet though! :p Hope you get it fixed soon.
And you girls simply must get Just Dance 2, its fantastic! You should also come join our Just Dance challenge - we're gonna do a new one for November! :)

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