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Aargh! Total self image meltdown!


Finding inspiration
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I have a gig tomorrow night (rock band). It's being video recorded, professionally, and so on top of usual gig nerves, I'm now in a complete tizz about what to wear, as recent photos have made me realise how big I still am - especially my legs and backside. Nothing I put on looks right. And last night I was trying on an outfit which I thought looked the best so far, and my lodger (a bloke) pointed out my fat legs!!! :cry:I'm going shopping after work to try and find the perfect outfit but I'm not sure it exists!!

Aaarrgggghhhhh!!!!! I'm having a complete meltdown!!!!!!!
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Look at how far you've come! Imagine how you would've felt this time last year doing the same gig. Would you have been nearly as confident? I don't think so! You've lost a load of weight and I'm sure you look and feel so much better! You'll find that perfect outfit, I'm sure!

Get on that stage and flaunt it - you've earned it!
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1. How dare he point out your fat legs!!! OMG that's awful. Bah.
2. I can totally feel your pain. My band get recorded on video quite a lot. Usually it doesn't matter too much as it's other people's wedding videos, which I never get to see, but when it's for corporate functions, or friends' gigs they always delight in showing us the videos and I usually watch in stunned silence and in horror at how large I look.
Don't stress whilst you're out shopping. Be relaxed and open-minded about what to wear and you'll find something great. I don't believe the perfect gig dress exists - I've not found one yet! But there will be many great outfits out there.

My suggestion would be to concetrate on making yourself look/feel the best you can - have a bath, face mask, exfoliate, spend ages doing your hair and make up so you feel fabulous. I'm guessing you wear all black? So that's slimming immediately! Have you got some funky jewellery you can accessorise with?

And finally - easy for me to say, but, forget about the video. You're there to perform. Get lost in the music (that sounds so cheesy but you know what I mean) and enjoy your performance, and that will come across on the video. People are there to listen/dance to you, not watch, and I bet you've got a fantastic voice. You must have to sing rock, it's hard to sing! I can't flipping do it...not powerful enough! So relax and just perform, and that way you'll come across as yourself, natural and bl00dy gorgeous.


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You asked a Bloke about clothes!?

I am equally sure you will look fabby and after all people are comming to see/hear you perform not really to see what you are wearing.

Have fun

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