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Advice needed


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Hey guy's, hows it goin?
I just wondered if anyone had read this book (the New High Proteine Diet book by Dr Charles Clark & Maureen Clark) as I have just bought it. I am currently on Lipotrim shakes but am nearly ready to come off them and start refeeding.
I thought the book would help when I come of my shakes, although Im not sure weather I would have to do a week or so of the diet and then go onto the maintenence diet or go straight onto maintenence. Any advise would be much appreciated.:wave_cry: ( to help, the diet is very low carb giving only 1 piece of wholemeal bread a day. No other carbs eg rice, pasta, bread.)
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Hi Richy and welcome, can't give you any advice as I was an Atkins man, but good luck and happy losing.


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Thanks Jim, I think im going to refeed on wednesday but will prob go onto low carb in a week or so. Slightly nervous about gaining weight!!:wave_cry:
I think you can expect to put a little on initially Richy, but that should soon go again.


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Hi Richy, I also did lipotrim last year and was worried about putting weight back on so I decided to just eat healthy and low in fat which worked great and I even carried on loosing the odd pound or 2 a week. But coming up to xmas the old habits crept back in and betweem Dec and end Jan we had 4 seperate weekends away and before I realised I was up a stone, so although I initially kept it off from August to Dec I realised I definately needed to follow some other method to keep me on the straight and narrow. Although I nipped back on lipotrim for a few weeks before my hols and got the stone back off I have been certainly looking into the atkins side as carbs (especially bread) do bloat me + I have been reading all Jim's wonderful threads (great job Jim) and I knew I had the book somewhere so on Monday when I came back off my hols I found my copy, but did follow the principles over my 18 day hols and have come back the same.

Sorry for the waffle but in answer I think you need to follow something but the weight can be kept off from the start.

Good luck with whatever you decided.:)
Thanks Scamp.:) I lived for a while in Whitefield as a boy, My dad was a Lancashire Fusilier and he was stationed at Bury Barracks.


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I came to Bury looking at houses when I was expecting my daughter nearly 21 years ago, I am originally an Accy girl (Accrington) and went to college in Blackburn. My partner is from Bury and moved to Whitefield when he was in junior school (over 50 years ago.)

I have to say Jim I am very impressed with the low carb diet, as I said I was doing abit of the research before my hols along with your help and alot of it is food that I love anyway and was not allowed on a low fat diet so I am really looking forward to getting into it properly now. Before the hols I remember seeing a thread regarding low carb snack but I just can't find it now as that is the bit that would be extra handy when out and about. Sorry for chewing your ear off but with your permission Jim I would defo lke to become one of (Jim's Angels).:D
My partner is from Bury and moved to Whitefield when he was in junior school (over 50 years ago.)
Really! If it was elm road or elm street Juniors then I was there about the same time, I'm 60 so the ages are about right. I have an old school photo I can dig out and scan if the times look right.

I'll find the snack thread and post it for you love.


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Thanks for the thread Jim that will be a great help, I told my partner Nev about you coming from Whitefield but I did not ask him what school he went to but a suppose with a name like his there would not have been to many of them in school, like he says his parents didn't really do him any favours.
I don't come from there scamp, you'll find out if you stay around long enough I've lived just about everywhere. LOl. My Father was a Soldier for 30 years, and I was one for 25, so I've seen a lot of the world. :D
yes love, it was. I'd live my life all over again if I had the chance, don't think I'd change anything either, well maybe I'd not gain the weight next time around. :)

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