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Hello Guys,
I’ve purchased a two week bundle of Exante, I’ve opted for all sachets (no bars!). I’m looking to commence tomorrow (excited and nervous!!) I am aiming to lose anything from 1-1.5 stone over a period of 4-6 weeks

I just wondered if anyone could help me if I do the 800 or 600 plan should I enter ketosis ?? I’ve done Lipotrim years ago and recall the first 2-3 days being hard but once entering ketosis I was fine!!
If Ketosis is achievable can I ask is sugar free chewing gum allowed ?? I’m now a nurse (since Lipotrim) and although masks are great in the sense of ketosis breath, I do remember how bad it was lol and would like to know I could have some for close patient engagement.

Any advice On the above or for anything else regarding this diet would be massively appreciated xxx
Hi! I’m doing the 800 calorie option and am in my fifth week. I guess I went into ketosis (I don’t use Ketosticks) after about four days, as I stopped being starving hungry! And I’ve been fine ever since.

I have two sachets, a bar and a 200 cal meal each day. And lots of water!

I’m not sure about the sugar free gum though, sorry. Hopefully someone else can help with that?

Good luck, I hope it goes really well. Let us know! X
Hi Zeus,

thats great thanks so much for your help. I had planned on sticking exclusively to sachets but purchased some bars lastnight for next day delivery lol I think I’ll need some chew texture to get through this lol.

Can I ask are you drinking hot beverages ?? I’m a coffee fiend and read on a ‘Keto diet’ as such you can have coconut milk, and I’m unsure if that transfers over to exante ?? Lol it’s the Ketosis that’s panicking me the most because I want to make sure I stay in it xxx
No problem ☺️ Hope you like the bars! I think the vegan ones are the best but also like a few of the others.

I’m having one coffee a day and maybe three teas - all with skimmed milk. The exante guide says you can have up to 100ml semi skimmed milk a day, and I think that would keep you in ketosis. I’m sure I must be in it as I’m losing weight (I’ve lost 1 stone 6lbs in 4 weeks) and don’t feel hungry. Do you have keto sticks? x
im doing 3 packs a day, lots of water and the occasional slim sip when i think im gonna cheat because im hungry.

i tried 4 packs/3packs+200cal meal
I think in my case I was super hungry, more so than doing 3 packs, so i suspect for me 3 packs = ketosis and 4 packs doesnt. it will vary between people though.

i use to drink soooo much tea and coffee with milk, ive ditched all milk and drink my tea and coffee black, you get use to it pretty quick.
Ketosis on Exante is a tricky topic. It depends from person to person. Typically, a ketogenic diet would keep carbohydrates below 20g a day. A moderately ketogenic diet is 20-50g a day and a liberal ketogenic diet would aim to stay under 100g of carbohydrates.

Each Exante product has approximately 20g carbohydrates so if you have 4, you would consume 80g carbohydrates a day. The Exante 800 plan recommends 3 products and a 10g carbohydrates/200 calorie meal giving you 70g carbohydrates for the day. The 600 is an old plan and the product has changed since then.

The key takeaway from this is that you are an individual and it will be different for each person - metabolism, activity, weight, hydration etc. Give it a go and see what works for you. I would guess that as a nurse, having an active job, the 4 products/ 3 and a meal will be best. You will need to use those carbohydrates to stop you from becoming unwell.

Good luck!