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  1. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    Can anyone shed some light on why my results are so inconsistent?

    I've only lost 1lb this week despite SSing without cheating and drinking over 4 litres of water a day. The same thing happened 2 weeks ago as well though I did lose a decent amount on the in between week. It's pretty demoralising to see only a 1lb loss despite being so good.

    I've tried spreading them out better - one at breakfast, lunch and the last about 6.30 as opposed to previously 1pm, 6.30 and 9pm as I wondered if leaving the last one until so late was not good but it's made no difference. I've not lost inches either so I'm bamboozled!

    I know I've still done well having lost 2 1/2 stone is 8 weeks but I know from doing other diets that I get frustrated and give up when I don't see results. I don't want that to happen here!

    We go on holiday in 2 weeks and I'm coming off my diet while we are away so I know i'll put on and have it to lose when I get back - I'm okay with that though. I'm going to make sensible food choices and stay away from much alcohol, but I am going to have a good time and deal with it when I get back but I just hoped I'd be a bit further along the road by now.

    Anyone else had a similar issue with their losses? or any cdc have any bright ideas? (mine is scratching her head too!)
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  3. Coley

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    Bodies are just funny things. They don't let go of weight in nice round chunks every week. Some weeks they are being stubborn and won't let go of what they - mathematically should do.

    Water retention, hormones blaaaa blaaaaa, I could give you a million reasons. None of them will probably make you feel any better. It's just the way it I say, bodies are weird and don't really care about the scales as much as we do!!

    Keep at are doing fab...the losses will keep coming but as you are getting smaller there is less of you to lose and the calorie deficit you create each week is getting smaller with every ounce you lose - so expect smaller amounts.

  4. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    I had a 2lb loss last week and felt completly demoralised. 8lbs this week. Guess we are all different.

    Dont give though :) given you are coming off the diet for your hols - look at it

    CDC's look away from the screen NOW.....

    as an extra lb worth of doing what you please on holiday. better to have lost it now than to go on holiday not having lost it, and still putting weight on. Did that make sense?! lolol, know how it was supposed to mean in my head xx
  5. Madoody

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    Mine has been:
    Week 1: 14.9 -6lbs
    Week 2: 14.4 -5lbs
    Week 3: 13.13.5 -4.5lbs
    Week 4: 13.10.5 -3lbs
    Week 5: 13.4.5 -6lbs
    Week 6: 13.2 -2.5
    Week 7: 12.12 -4lbs
    Week 8: 12.9 -3lbs
    Week 9: 12.7 -2
    Week 10: 12.2 -5lbs

    ..and this week looking like about 3... so it evens out, just the way the cookie crumbles. You just have to trust it works even without seeing the scales go down, and don't get disatisfied with 2.5 stone in 8 weeks, that is above average loss!
  6. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    cambridge diet
    im struggling week in and week out now so count it as great news a loss is a loss. My body recons its not giving up anymore fat and i shall fight it to the death.
  7. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    That makes sense to me!! I know a lot of people with think I am mad/or disapprove of coming off for 2 weeks but I need a really relaxing holiday and want to enjoy it without stressing about the diet. I know now I can take the weight off so I'll deal with it when I come back.
  8. westiegirl

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    Don't worry about the inconsistencies, as it's been said before, our bodies are strange. Some weeks even when I SSed 100% (was a very good girl first time around) I would only lose 0.2 or 0.4lbs. But it did all even out in the end. 2 1/2 stone in 8 weeks is fantastic, so keep it up and get back on the wagon as soon as after your hols and you'll be fine!
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