Advice please - coil?


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Hi everyone this is the first time I’ve posted in this section but I wanted to ask for some advice. I've had PCOS for years but I was never officially told at the time the hospital found out I had it (a A&E Dr told me out of the blue a few years later assuming I new it was on my notes!!). I'm 25 now and I’ve met a great guy (my first relationship) and it's going really well and i wanted to work out some form of contraception to make sure I’m safe even though I'm not even sure I’m ready to take the next step yet i just want to be sure it's all sorted when I’m ready. Now I asked my GP about going on a pill but she says my weight is still too high for most of the pills as she would worry about blood clots ( I'm 15st 7lb at the moment and this time last year i was over 22 stone) and she mentioned the contraceptive injection but I’ve heard worrying things about it and as i have M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) anyway I didn’t want to risk having an injection and being ill for 3 months if my body didn’t like it! What i manly wanted to ask was if anyone had tried the coil and which one out of the 2 has worked best for you?

I'm going to ring my local family planning clinic when they open in the morning as my GP wants me to wait till my next period is due and to have the injection then but as my period makes me really ill with my health problems I’d like to try and sort something while I’m at least feeling like I could handle being prodded and although my GP is amazing she is really busy and I don’t really feel like i have enough time to talk to her about all the options when we've also got to discuss my M.E problems in the same time slot! Hopefully as the family planning clinic deals with this sort of thing all the time they will be able to help me!

So sorry this has turned into a massive essay and if you made it all the way through this your amazing!

So my main question - coil...good experiences or bad and which one should I look into more?

Thanks so much everyone in advance!

Tc XxX

P.S again so sorry this is so long!!
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