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I will be skinny again!!!
I took ducolax on LT when I hadnt been, worked a treat as its stronger than fibre clear and senekot :)

But senekot never really worked for me...


I will be skinny again!!!
No problem!!
Hopefully it will pass soon :p

Some people find ducolax quite strong, have you had to take laxatives before?
I too used Dulcolax and FIbresure, but still had some very bad bouts with Constipation. Things that worked for me besides them, was some exercise - a bit of walking helps move things a long. Warm soakd in baths too, while at the same time massaging your tum, in a downward motion. Without going into too much detail, ;), that does help things move in the right direction. That really helps.,

Its horrible feeling poorly for this reason, quite uncomfortable. Hope you are well soon.


Positivity is the key
Sorry you are suffering, hope you are drinking enough water, minimum 2ltrs, maximun 4.5lts. I have one flapjack a day and have never had a problem in the last 7 weeks since I started taking them. I hope it resolves itself soon. Best of luck.


Life is not a Rehersal!

I had 9 days of not going the other week. Oh, it was awful. I tried the fibreclear but didnt work as well as I would have thought so I got the Ducolux....never know how to spell it....boy, within an hour it had worked..hahaha...

My advice, dont go far once you have inserted it!!! I decided to go for a bike ride and havent riden my bike so quickly downhill in my life!!! I JUST had to get home!!

Hopefully one of products will work for you.

I am drinking my water, but I still get problems....must be my body..think we are all a bit different!

Hope you feel better soon, as it is a bit distressful.

Take care
Thankfully i was ok lol
I had to take fibreclear in all three shakes for about two days and then I was fine. Water intake also has a lot to do with it too. I still struggle and have to take Sainsburys own brand of whatever is in dulcolax every so often but don't like that feeling you get when it starts to work....
its really uncomfortable isn't it?? can i ask how much fibreclear you are putting shake/water?? I was only putting in 1 heaped teaspoon but pharmacy told me you can put 3 teaspoons in...it def worked lol! I don't put 3 in all the time though, i just judge it by how i am feeling.
Hope it works!
Shelly x
Think movement helps too. I spend time at the computer but as I haven't been able to exercise too much, I found a decent walk really helped.

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