Oh dear and food help

I'm a little bit concerned coming on here 😅

I have always been slimming world when dieting but just didn't feel like it worked for me and I had been WW before and remembered it was slightly easier even though both plans are quite similar.

I have signed up for a cheaper 3m plan to see how I get on as I have reached my lowest, since meeting my husband and had a baby, I have gained 6st and now I am feeling it weigh on my health.

I've rejoined a gym which has been going fine but my issue is...

A) everything on WW is American I am seeing, trying to find recipes is proving difficult.

B) when logging I'm, I've seen no one has been chatting on this section for quite a while which is worrying me that I have chosen the wrong me. At this point, I need all the help I can.

Any fellow WW able to help with recipe sites I could try or any advice?
Thanks x
Hi @TartanMummy , i have no idea anout SW or WW. Just here to say thefe is a few around but not many
Hi @TartanMummy and welcome!

I follow the old WW smart points plan but to be honest find very little helpful stuff on the internet these days. WW have now left Ireland where I live so there’s no physical support here either. I know the formula for calculating smart points and just use that to make sure for on plan days, I don’t go over 31 smart points.