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To infinity and beyond!

I tired SW about 10 years, but to be honest I don't eat any veg (and only fruit is banana and apples) and I struggled with finding something to eat with my meat on a red day or potatoes/pasta on a green day.
Has SW changed much since then?
Anybody else have this trouble?
I am currently p**sing about, did CD and after loads of restarts, realised it's not for me. Doing WW but don't feel I am 100% convinced it is the diet for me.

All advice welcome.
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Hey hollycat,

SW is still based on the power of free and superfree foods. These include your veggies (except parsnips peas etc on red), salad stuffs and most fruits. Also free are very low fat yoghurt, fromage frais, quark etc and then you have your healthy extras - a's as in milk/cheese and b's as in cereals/breads although these differ according to red or green days. On red/original days lean meats and fish are free on green potatoes, pasta, rice, pulses etc are free.

SW works by filling us up on free foods relatively low in kcals but high in satisfaction hence reducing the amount we eat and snack without us even realising!

I would say that you can probably do SW and just fill up on the free foods you do eat - but I am sure you would benefit more from a wider variety of fruits/veggies to keep your interest in your food.

Is it that you actually don't like other fruit/veg or is it a preconceived idea about not liking them?? Reason I ask is that my SIL was a very fussy eater and professed (sp) not to like any veggies except green beans and carrott - after some persuasion to try other veggies she now eats everything except cauliflower and sprouts.

Maybe you just need to try some different fruits/veggies as your taste buds may have changed.

Good luck with whatever you decide.



** Chief WITCH **
When I started out, I didn't mind some veg but wasn't overly keen, only ate bananas in the fruit range and detested salads. In fact, I was fussy in many other categories of foods too!

Now, I'm far less fussy... amazing what getting hungry can do for a girl. Seeing how much more one can eat if a plate is filled with veggies, rather than just a spoonful of pasta or something. I'm not being flippant. This really did happen to me.

So I'd try slowly slowly to incorporate them. Basically the choice is to have a plate half empty (where the veg / salad should be), and you'll be hungrier, OR fill it with virtually calorie free veggies... I know which I chose and it didn't take me that long to change.

Do you like ratatouille? I make my own, so learned to like those ingredients... otherwise, if you like stir fries, perhaps try adding one more ingredient to pad it out each week until you find your rhythm.

Good luck and please don't take offence at anything I've said... it's just that you sounded like the "old me" in your post... (and I probably sound like my teacher used to, grrr!)
I did sw and lost 5 and half stone in 1 year which was good but i got confused with a red day where you cant have mashed potatoe and peas and parsnips and some other veg i like most fruits . But with a green day you are allowed as much potatoe as you want but not allowed alot of meat but what happens if you have used all your healthy extras and you want some meat. Same as bread you are allowed 2 slices as a healthy B same as cereal as a healthy B but i did find that 1oz of cereal was not enough so what else could you have for bfast.
I did like sw because you did not have much to count or weigh out but it was your treats and ready meals that was high synd compared to ww



To infinity and beyond!

Thanks for all your advice.
Maintainer and Munchkin, you are probably right on the veggie front, didn't like them as a child and haven't tried them since. As I am now 42, perhaps it is the time to try again.
WW core could be the answer I think you are allowed up to 21 points a week to 'spend' on top.
I am currently attending WW, but find the fact that I have free choice of food is too much for me sometimes and I over indulge.
I think my real problem is that I have tried and failed CD numerous times, in reality what I want is to have the fast weight loss of CD, plus the fact that all food choices are taken away from you. However I just can't do it. I need to get my head around that fact and accept it, before I can move on.

Thanks again for taking the trouble to answer my questions. :)
Awww Hollycat! You are sooo right! Get your head straight first and then make a committment to something - whatever you feel will be best for YOU. Half the battle of 'beating the bulge' is having your head sorted and being 100% sure you are doing something that WILL work for you.

We are all here to bounce ideas off and fingers crossed can find the answer for you :). I don't think I'm alone in saying we've all been in your situation and frankly it sucks.

Best of luck hun - we're here if you need us xx


To infinity and beyond!
Hi Munchkin,

Have decided to stop worrying about weight for time being and get myself sorted out as to where I want to go, not just jumping from one thing to another.

Maybe give veggies a go too.

Thanks for the advice

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