Advise Please - Mouth Wash on LL???

Yes, as far as I'm aware, mouthwash is fine, and I know the strips are allowed.

I see you can get caffeine strips now. Bet they aren't allowed:rolleyes: I picked up some citrus 'strips' in Canada. Bet there not allowed either! Thank goodness I'm not SSing cos I really like them :)
Hi Shadow,

Oraldene and Listerine are recommended and won't interfere with ketosis.

I find it helps to floss between the teeth and to use a tongue scraper as well.

Hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for the replies everyone.....I went to Morrisons last night and filled my basket with mouth wash and strips and tongue scrubby toothbrushes.

Thank god for no more disgusting gold spot! :D

what are the strips u are talking about ? i work in morrisons and am desperate for a fresh mouth , this is driving me crazy with the breath freshener all the time , dont want to be killing my customers with my killer breath !!! :cry::D
lol i brush my teeth every hour at home but cant walk around with a tube in my pocket at work , r we allowed to swallow the toothpaste then ? in small amounts ?
do u mean the dental chewing gum u used to be able to buy ? not seen that for years in fact i forgot it existed !!