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agony ! help please


minimims stalker
I feel your pain I have the same problem when on CD ... if its painful because its 'stuck ' then I would recommend glycerin suppository ( you can get these in boots), you need to clear the blockage from that end before taking laxatives , which could make it worse if its that far along .. if you get me ? ( sorry TMI ) . If its further up in your system I would say try senna or dulcolax ( I tend to take this twice a week to make sure I dont get blocked up )
then to prevent it in the future try the fibre powder that CD sell of psyllium husk capsules from holland and barrat

hope you get it sorted as its aweful
Sorry to hear you are in pain.

Definitely you need to take a laxative at this stage if you are in pain, but once you get it sorted you need to take something every day to prevent, I take psyllium husks capsules which I get in holland and barrett and they keep everything just the way it should be :)


minimims stalker
thankyou so much for all the advice i should have added that i was knocked over last week so am on v strong painkillers and i think that hasnt helped atall.ive taken a sennakot tablet and nothing so cdc has advised lactulose which my lovely oh is on way to hunt down .still in absolute agony i cant even sit down!
Hi there

I feel for you as i know the pain you are going through, its horrid aint it. I had Movicol from my GP's worked a treat i did so buy lactulose from llyods chemist the taste was nasty so didnt take it again, its still in the cupboard but my CDC said that was great to take.

hope your better by the weekend, let us know if you are x
its probably the painkillers causing the constipation rather the cd especially if cd didnt effect you this way the last time. Certain painkillers have that as a side effect and I have suffered with that myself.....

Hope your OH tracks down the remedy and that you feel much better soon


minimims stalker
thankyou! well it worked but now i cant get off the loo for different reason lol!! never mind first wi after restart and lost 6lbs on a 5 day week so a happy girl :))
I too was having awful problems in thsi department :( but I have found a way to sort it, not at all within the diet but it doesnt knock me out of ketosis, I have half a pot of activia a day and that is brilliant, regular as clockwork now and no pain at all.

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