ahhhhhhhhh ive joined the SS waggon .....


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haha...YES..indeed. i have survived 4 days on SS!!!

thought id keep all my CD clients company in the run up to Christmas...so after a year of maintaining,( ive put on approx 5lbs) i thought id give it another BASH....

ohh i sympathise with you all now....the pain..the pain..

i just drove past the fish and chip shop on my way home from work, and had to wait at the traffic lights beside....OMG!...the smell.......i had to wind the window up, and smoke myself to death until i was way down the road again..then i had to open the window cause the fag smog was builiding up inside the car......

so...target 10 stone by Christmas...
i reckon a week to get back to my goal weight..then the real fat attack begins... fat that has never been tackled before..im going into unknown territory here.....

Is this the same DB from Discovery H?? :D
I haven't been on DH for ages, how have you been??
I did for a while, most people from DH have used the same name here.

I'm doing ok, lost put back on lost again and of course put it back on, but starting again, want to of finished by end of Jan, got about 5 stone to lose.
day 5..yehhhhhh

got a busy weekend planned. ikea. bullring and clubbing

(yessss im far too old to go clubbing really..but heyho. ive got me micro mini hanging up all ready..al 8 inches of it...now i know what me mum would say...and what i would say to our teenangers....ITS A PELMET! but you know what..im gonna flipping wear a pelmet just because I CAN)

had me hair chopped this morning. got a inverted bob. going back for colour next week...now decisions decisons...do i keep blonde or have some copper bits in it as well.

think i will have a bit more chopped off the back too...just got home and fiddled with it..and i think i could go a bit shorter- make the invert more defined. i think i want really really short at the back and long in the front , really funky hot babe stuff!! haha