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Alcohol on CD?????????????????

Hello guys i know alcohol is forbidden on CD but im going out tonight for leaving do to say bye to my 3 best mates who are going to live abroad for 6 months.. going out for drinks... Im going to feel REALLY unsocialble drinking WATER only, and im considering braving a diet coke or even just having a night off n having some vodka diet cokes..... I know its probs bad idea i just dont know if i can go out and just be boring and drink water... Im not looking forward to people asking "why arent you drinking" then having to explain im on a diet... Im either guna have to lie and use the anti biotic excuse or just bite the bullet and drink...........

Overall i wanna lose weight more than have a drink but its just a naff situation. CD is so unsocialble :(:(:( Anyone drank on cd before and got any horror stories to put me off?
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I wouldn't drink-there will ALWAYS be a special occasion to tempt you to drink...if you don't want to tell the truth just say you're on antibiotics.
yeah i know, i think im guna have 2 drink aload of coffee before i go out to wake me up tho! ive not got much energy today been up since 6am worked 9hour shift and a night out is last thing i wanna do but I carnt not go with it being their last night ill see em for 6 months

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Please dont do it!!! My mum had one glass of wine during her birthday pub meal whilst doing ss+. She was really bad and frightened us all. I would hate it to happen to you x
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if you're gonna drink you're going to have to eat, a lot to take you out of ketosis and preferably in advance.

Stick to water/diet coke if you really have to.
yeah im not gunna drink ive decided just gunna come home early n might have a diet coke just so i dont have to walk round with bottles/glasses of water. then drink aload of water when i get in. dont wanna make myself sick its not worth it :)


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advice from someone whos been there! i went out last weekend and ending up drinking and i mean alot of drink, i was fine had no side effects however, someone forward me a post on how dangerous it is to drink while in ketosis and let just say i wont be touching a drop again i was lucky this time. but eveyones body is different you could be the unlucky one! advice - stick to the water!

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