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Hi Mini mins, it's been a long time away but i'm back. Been a serial dieter since my teens (now 50) tried them all SW,WW, RC, VLCD etc etc! Biggest weight loss was 6 stone (the divorce diet 🤣) 8 years ago.

Anyhow. My stepson has just announced he's getting married - in Australia! Myself and my partner (not his dad) and my three children (stepsons half siblings) and one of the girlfriends have all booked flights to go over in October. Several of my stepsons friends and family from the other side (thankfully not ex husband lol 😂) are also going from the UK. My family are combining the wedding with a few days in Sydney to see the sights and visit relatives and then after the wedding - a week on a beautiful Malaysian island as a family holiday on the way home. All sounds bloody amazing (and expensive!) only problem is the standard one ... I'm massively overweight and the thought of doing this holiday the way I feel now is actually depressing me.

So with exactly 20 weeks to my flight - I started the FAST 800 diet on Monday. I weighed in at 15 stone. 🥲 Not my heaviest, but still ... I want to lose between 4 and 5 stone before the holiday of my lifetime.

weighed in today at 14.5 so have lost 9lb so far which has boosted my positivity massively! The regime I'm following is fasting all day until I get home from work. Then having an 800 calorie low carb meal from the fast 800. No alcohol.

Has any one else done this diet? Is 4-5 stone possible (it works out around 3lb week so I feel like it would be hard but doable.
Not done that diet at all but here to support you. The trip sounds amazing, it will be great to see all the family but Malaysia sounds even better. I agree, both weddings and holidays always trigger the "I need to lose weight first" thought. But it's good to be motivated for a reason and have a tangible goal. Best of luck with it