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I'm not a drinker so can't help i'm afraid hun x
i have dark rum as my weekly treat. i still stick to the slim fast but have the rum on top of that so no i dont count it!
i suppose you will only find out if it will effect your weight is by trying it :D


Vegetarian who lives2eat
May give it a week or two before I have any alcohol, then I will see if it works for me or not, ta for reply
I don't really drink, but if you count it in your calories and don't go mad, you should be fine.


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alcohol is my downfall i drink far to much and far to regularly but i enjoy it and so far it hasnt affected my weightloss as im still losing ill cut down when it does ,,,, i mean i had to give up eating CRISPS i cant give up booze aswell lol


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i personally have cut booze out completely, and its been 4 weeks now! The reason wasnt just the calories in the alcohol, but the food I would eat when I was hungover the next day. There is just no way I can get through a hangover on shakes and salad. So I have 3 more weeks, then I HAVE to go and have a drink to build up my resistance for my friends hen party the weekend after!!

I think its all about what you can cope with, I know I have a killer headache from just 2 glasses of wine, so it isnt worth the hassle for me. But like the others said, as long as you count the calories and dont go too overboard, it should be fine.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Think i will give it a miss for the first month,I do enjoy a glass of wine but really want to make a good effort this month. I think I would want 2 glasses at least and that would leave me no snacks for the day, so isnt worth it.


Got to do it this time
Hi Eye,

I have been on SW since Jan and been drinking and using all my syns allowance on alcohol and not snacks or mayo on break for example....

I have been putting on weight because I have no room for simple snacks or mayo on sandwhiches so they are not dry and inevitabilly end up going over my syns - I would go cold turkey thats what I'm gonna do. Mind you I drink every night and too much of it!


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Scals. when I was on SW I managed to fit in a couple of glasses a week, but SF doesnt really give you much option to add in alcohol, I need my snacks, so yep cold turkey for me too !!!!!! good luck


Got to do it this time
Eye, you can control it better than me! I think problem with me is one glass turns into 2 and into a bottle!

Good luck x

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