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Am about to give in!!!! Pls help!!

Sam I am on day 4 and it does get better - I still have a long way to go I think but on Tuesday (my day 1) I could have eaten my own arm!! :) Today I am not so much hungry as just feeling I am missing out on munching :) I have just seen my friend who has lost over 2 1/2 stone though and she look fantastic so I am going to stick to it - you will feel so much better tomorrow x x x x


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Don't give in pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I am on day 3 and I am finding so it hard too (really hate the flavours I have had!) but just think about why you are doing this.

Set some goals to work towards.

I've split my packets into 6, so having 6 small meals (if you can call them that!) instead of 3 and this is helping with the hunger pains.
Hang in there guys,

it does get better and - keep glugging that water - it really does help and is the key to succeeding on this.

You can all do it...:grouphugg:


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Don't give in it does get easier! Splitting your packs can help and make them up with extra water to help fill you up a bit.

Good luck.
I know it seems hard for all of ye on your 1st week. But it really really does get better. By day 3 or 4 you'll be in the magical wonderland of ketosis and hunger is not allowed in, you feel much better and energised. Also 1st weigh in is usually a great motivator.

Try to keep yourself busy for the next few days to take your mind off it. Read a book or go for a wee walk. Keep drinking the water as it suppresses appetite.

You have succeeded at the 1st and hardest hurdle which is deciding to go for it in the first place and you have got over the nerves of actually making an appointment etc. Well done. Stage 1 complete!

Hang on in there.


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Hi Sam,
I promise you it does get easier. I'm just coming to the end of my 4th week and the first 4 days were a nightmare. Now it just feels like a way of life.
I always found that when I was hungry, drinking water helped me. Or come on here for support, even find something to distract you. Go for a walk, read a book, do some cleaning....anything.
You can do it. :D
I am also on my first day and am too really struggling. Mainly because i have just had my 'lunch' of the leek and potato soup and could only eat some of it as i thought i was going to be sick!!

I am really starting to worry how i am going to do this-but we can do it!!!!!

sam x


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Don't give in!!!!! I am on day 7, nearly got the first week under my belt and I promise you it does get easier after day 4. Try to focus on why you are doing this and want you want to acheive at the end of it. Maybe make a muffin from the recipe thread so you feel as if you are eating something or try a peppermint tea with 2 sweeteners, this seems to help me when my motivation is waning! Have a look at the inspirational slide show as well and you'll get loads of encouragement from everyone on here so just keep posting. Hope you have a great day and look forward to sharing the journey with you xxx


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Don't give in!! I split my packs up (as advised above) which does help, and warm drinks often help make you feel fuller than cold ones do. Make sure you have the soup in a bowl with a spoon rather than a mug too as it takes longer to eat. Having an early night for a couple of days might help, until you are in ketosis. Keep up the water intake, the toilet trips will keep you occupied!!! Good luck...


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Hi, as everyone else has stated - the first few days are living hell!!:eek: My first day was horrendous as i had binged for about 3 days beforehand. I also had friends around and had prepared a lovely lasagne with wedges, coleslaw and garlic bread, followed by fresh apple tart and ice cream. I sat and had my potato and leek soup and could've cried. I was nearly climbing the walls. I didn;t feel right for about 5 days but I stuck with it and on day 5 i woke up and felt soooo much better. I have also been on SS+ and on day 4, instead of 4 CD a day i had 3 CD and a tin of tuna in water and some lettuce and it tasted like heaven and filled me up.

Please stick with it. The reason i did is because i really really really want to lose this weight and didn't want to let myself and everyone else down!! I feel good about myself now and have lost 1 stone 5lbs in under 4 weeks!!

Good Luck:hug99:


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I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for persuading me not to give in (yet!!!). I know I can do this and be my old (thin) self again :)

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