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Green Days Amber has cookery on Monday....

Amber has cookery on monday and has been told to go in with 2 recipes which are based on High Carbohydrate Value.

Recently we have decided she will make SW friendly stuff so I can eat some if no -one else wants to

Luckily mondays I am GREEN so carb-wise will be ok for me. She is meant to take in one dinner recipe and one dessert recipe

I thought maybe

DINNER : Veg Soup, Risotto or Pasta Bake

DESSERT : Chickpea Fairy Cakes with Quark topping/filling

anyone else got any ideas for what will impress the teacher especially presentation wise - last time she made Chicken Dopiaza (YUMMY on red) BUT presentation wise curry never looks amazing.......... NEEDS TO BE SYN FREE MEALS / DESSERTS

Can you help....


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What about semolina pud for dessert. I think it will only count for 1 or 2 syns for your portion. Your main meal suggestions sound great.

If you don't mind me asking is this for GCSE? My daughter just started her course and things are very basic, I could have showed her at home. Her syllabus says she's to present a 2 course meal at the end of the year. The way this is going it'll be prawn cocktail and cheese and potato pie lol
Yes she is taking it for GCSE - she has just started Year 10.

Right now we are thinking of Spicy Chickpea Balls with Yogurty Mint Dressing (I think it is called) for Dinner and for pudding a Chickpea Cake sandwiched with flavoured Quark.

She used to do 'normal' food but no-one ever ate it (my lot have a problem with 'home-made' food (they get it from their dad!) so now decided her recipes will be SW based so ingredients are no longer wasted!

Thanks for your input

How bout yogurt drizzled with passionfruit, raspberries and mandarin segments yummy, free and can be presented beautifully!
Or alternatively, a pineapple boat for dessert.... 1/4 pineapple, leaves still on, cut out flesh, mix with a little soy sauce (sounds bizarre but tastes really good) and seasonal fruit, redcurrants etc. Serve with yogurt/cream


Nojo on the YoYo
make rice pudding with real pudding rice and a HEXa of milk!

And risotto with risotto rice for dinner, show the versatility of different types of rice, show that there's more to the humble grain than just basmati!

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