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  1. 1FatSpaz

    1FatSpaz Member

    Hey, i'm Graham, 23 years old from Leeds, UK. Started a diet last month, am weighing myself every 1 or 2 weeks at the scale at the supermarket.

    I once weighed nearly 14 stone, though due to increased activity got down to under 13 stone, and that was still eating tons of junk food.

    I started the diet, officially, weighing 12 stone 5.5 lbs, two weeks later i weighed 11 stone 13.7 lbs. I'm now going to weigh myself weekly on a sunday and sticking to a 1200 calorie diet.

    My next weight check will be this coming sunday; 14th february.

    My goal weight is 10 stone, which for my height (5ft 9) is on the healthy end of the scale. I want to achieve this by July 25th 2010.

    Am looking to talk to people in the same situation of wanting to loose weight for the summer. Chat, offer encouragement, and maybe meet up with people in my area.
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  3. Mumma K

    Mumma K Gold Member

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    Hello and welcome, I wish you all the success for your weightloss journey
  4. PKJellyBean

    PKJellyBean I like pudding

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    Good luck, Graham!
  5. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Pleased you have joined us.

    Irene xx
  6. CalicoSoneji

    CalicoSoneji Full Member

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    Welcome! Good luck with the weight loss =)
    (love the screen name, lol!)
  7. 1FatSpaz

    1FatSpaz Member

    Thanks everyone, my weight on last check (February 21st 2010) was 11st 8.2lbs, which means i've lost just over 11 lbs this month. I've had a couple of nights out of heavy drinking too which haven't impacted my weight loss much at all. I haven't had an unhealthy snack in 7 weeks though, and i'm starting to go a little loopy, i've found that Nakd Cocoa Loco bars are a healthy alternative to stop chocolate cravings, and they're on offer for 66p in tesco at the moment. (they're also 2 of your 5 a day and 98% fat free)

    just 22lbs to go, i want to loose it by july 30th, or prefferably sooner.
  8. 1FatSpaz

    1FatSpaz Member

    I'm probably doing quite well because of other unhealthy addictions i have though, which i guess makes me feel loosing the weight is less accomplished. But considering the amount of junk food i'd grown accustomed to eating, i'm still pretty proud of my self control.
  9. 1FatSpaz

    1FatSpaz Member

    noooooooo i only lost half a pound this week!! :(

    That'd be the all the Koppaberg, Brothers, Bulmers, Baileys, jagermesiter, Jim beam and black Aftershock i chugged down, damn it, i'm limiting myself to one nights drinking a month. Though i guess i had fun and didn't gain weight, still. NO MORE ALCOHOL till at least the 19th.
  10. David-88

    David-88 New Member

    Alright m8 im on the same boat as u 21, 5'8 and weigh 13st 11 at the moment altough to be honest i dont wana go to low weight wise just want rid of the belly fat and tone up a bit more. Ive just started back at the gym and will start the healthy eating this week also chucked the drink as it was doing me no good. Im guessing at the supermarket u weigh ureself with clothes on lol, Its just that i usually do it at home but weighd myself straight out of a shower one day naked obv and was 3 or 4lb lighter without the clothes and trainers etc. On the digital scales just a thought to bare in mind
  11. 1FatSpaz

    1FatSpaz Member

    Haa yeh, i'm same, was more focussed on my moobs though, but theyre pretty much gone now which has made me much happier! LMAO.

    Yeh, i actually weigh myself with my steel toecap safety shoes on aswell, lol.

    Haven't posted here in a while, my weightloss is slowing down, i'm now 11 stone 3lbs, so only lost 5lbs this month! (compared to 11lbs, last month) but i haven't been as commited, so have to really try harder again!

    Anyway, i'm confident i'll be at a comfortable weight when the festival season kicks in! i can now feel comfortable in 34w jeans and size medium shirts etc.. So already feel a lot better than i did when i started this thing. Just need to lay off the junk food!
  12. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

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    was cambridge now exante
    as the mother of a disabled child im rather offended by the name your using here but welcome anyway and good luck
  13. ash!

    ash! New Member

    depressive maniac:p

    Hi there every one..i am new here too.
    i am ash,23.due to some reasons i hve fallen into severe depression and i have gained pails of kgs on me,i have actually lost all my urge to smewhere deep inside i wnt to be good,i wnt to change fo good,i need help,i went from 59 kgs to 80 kgs in a period of 4 months n previosly at 59 i use to think i am damn fat and now i feel like i m an elephant..really i do feel that way,i couldnt help bt wonder how am i ever going to fit in my pants..ever..???
    duh...thats all abt me!i have a cousins wedding in december atleast i dnt wnt every 1 to point fingers at me..i wnt to loose...!!!
  14. salcanbslim

    salcanbslim Member

    Hi there Ash, well done in making a start, hopefully when you see the kgs coming off instead of on you will feel a lot better, its tough to diet but having to focus on sorting out all your meals and snacks on a diet can also be quite good at distracting your thoughts for a while and stop you feeling so low
    Best of luck to you xx
  15. ash!

    ash! New Member

    Hi there sally!!thanx a lot for replying..ur reply made me feel so better already!today i wanted to go on with the diet but couldnt...i just couldnt ...i just keep on thinking n thinkng n thinkng over n over abt sme stuff n then food act like a drug n then before u knw its all what sort of diet are u on>>how many times do u exercise??ve u ever tried yoga???n can u suggest something to help me star the diet??
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