Another introduction!


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Wow, there's so much activity on this site, it's incredible.

I was looking for something where ideas, inspiration and experiences could be shared, apart from the class, and this looks ideal.

I've rejoined my local Slimming World class for the 10th time, I think. Maybe more.
I first joined Slimming World just over 15 years ago, and managed to lose almost 5 stones, getting down to very near target in about 7 months. Since then I got married, kids etc etc, and have put it all on again plus some more for good measure.
I have since tried to start again several times, but always ended giving up again.

For health and family reasons, I really want to do it properly again, so I made a few changes this time:
I bought an exercise bike so I don't make excuses for not going to the gym.
I bought a ten-week countdown last night to give me an incentive to attend class for the next three months.
I'm going to stay to class every week instead of leaving after weigh-in.

Enough of that anyway, nice to join you :wave_cry:
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Good luck x


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Hello there!
I'm quite new here too (it's great!!) and recently joined Slimming World.
I do think that the Image Therapy is great - I always leave feeling really motivated and determined to succeed, so good for you on making that decision!!!
I'm sure you can do it - good luck :)

Mumma K

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Hello and welcome good luck on your slimming world journey