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Another Nando's Q Sorry

Ok - Tonight hubby & I went to Nando's & I can not seem to work out the syns properly. Have read through posts on here & checked my food directory - so could do with some help now :eek:

I had - 1/2 chicken, plain, skin removed
Reg side of ratatouie (I prob ate 1/2 the portion of that) I also had some coleslaw & some spicy rice - opps! Oh & the fat free frozen yog :D

I am on a red day too so am thinking because of the sides I have not been great with syns so if somebody can help I can fill in my food diary - Thanks :)
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Thanks Allie1904

Earlier in the day I had had 3 Morrison's sausages, with plum tomatoes & poched eggs so nothing there to give my plate the 1/3 needed for EE & thats the same for my Nando's isn't it?

Never mind - tut tut me for having the rice. Will be as good as can be today, going for my first run shortly so hopefully that will help, lol

But later we are out for a family birthday meal so thats probably not going to help :( Will be as good as I can be & keep fingers crossed for WI tomorrow :)
- the rice is 1/2 a syn per portion, frozen yog 1 per 100g i think.. (so like a cup full)

the chicken is a funny one. Personally, i would never dream of counting 6 syns for it, plain with no skin? id have counted free. Others may disagree but even so, i'd say 2syns at most.

havent a clue about the ratatouille- but i wouldnt fret.

Nandos isnt that bad and i go reguarly!

i usually have medium 1/2 chicken, skin removed, rice and corn on sob followd by frozen yog. YUM


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I just went for my first ever nando's! what a delight! I loved it!

had half a chicken, plain with no skin, spicy rice and corn on the cob, with a coke zero! i loved every mouthful. I don't know syn values, i'm guessing about 5 for the lot? is that fair? I could eat it ALL again!
I've just searched the site for info on Nandos...

Since being on SW I have half a chicken in mango & lime, but I take off all the skin. I have always counted this as free? Plus a corn on the cob and a portion of spicy rice (I follow EE).

I usually count 1 syn for the rice as a guestimate, but some on here have said it's free, and this post suggests 0.5.

The chicken is an odd one though - some suggest 6 syns, which seens quite high if you are removing the skin, surely?
The rice comes out as 2.5 syns and the bottomless frozen yogurt (fat free not sugar free) as 3 syns if you use the nv's on the Nandos website.
The chicken is a harder one as surely if you remove the skin it makes it free? but it is 6 syns for a 1/4 or 2 syns for a leg.
I count the chicken as free if you take the skin off. Reading elsewhere on the slimming world web site it says that you if you roast a chicken with the skin on then take it off before eating its free so i can't see the difference. I think the syn values include the skin which would make sense. I go regularly and it hasn't affecxted me losing weight. I always have 1/2 a chicken skin removed, garlic sauce (1/2 syn per table spoon), corn on cob, free, salad with balsamic vinegar, free. Macho peas are also nice for a change at 3 syns per portion.
I also am a Nandos fan... i go green and have the beanburger, rice, and macho peas, i aways ask for no bun and extra salad. teh i sneek a couple of bits of my OH's spicey livers as my syn top up lol

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