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Hi everyone,

Been put on antiobtics for an ear infection and i am now not in ketotis :cry: can this really kick you out, been 100% so so annoyed!!

Well shall i stop all bars, watermixers and mixamousse untill im back into ketotis??? i normally hit ketotis hard and dnt fall out easy so im quite surprised............

Any1 had this happen to them??

Thanks x
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Still fighting
Hi I'm new only started Monday but had hard time Mon Tues - Wed and Thurs hunger had gone but started anti biotics also for ear infection wed pm and have felt awful today - hunger is back and feel dead grumpy got massive head ache too which went for about hour and is back again now! Maybe they do kick you out of ketosis then....Hmmmmm Damm :eek:


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I'm not sure why they would kick you out of ketosis, but to be honest, it's not something you need to worry about.

You don't need to be in ketosis for the diet to work.

Being in ketosis is what helps to keep being on such a low number of calories a do-able thing. It does not affect the rate of weight loss. The only problem with being out of ketosis is that you might feel a bit hungrier than usual.

Also, ketostix are notoriously unreliable. They're not always very accurate. Besides, some people on CD never see that lovely pink, you know (I'm fairly sure that KD has said before that she never did whilst doing the diet - and she lost 8 stones).

So don't worry, okay? :)


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Actually it got me thinking (cos I'm well known for overthinking everything, LOL).

Why do antibiotics affect ketosis? Does anyone know?

The nearest I've managed to get to an answer by googling (whatever did we do without the web?) is that it's the infection itself that causes a rise in blood sugar - the liver is prompted to release more glycogen. But that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, cos haven't we got rid of our glycogen stocks through being in ketosis in the first place? :confused:

Apparently, diabetics know that taking antibiotics messes with their blood sugars, so I'm guessing there's a connection...

I'll keep looking for a slightly more scientific answer - but if anyone happens to know the answer already, I'd love to know. :)


please try again
i was told by my cdc last time i was on antibiotics that i had to go up to the 1200 plan for the duration of the antibiotics. she said she had called head office for the info


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Still fighting
Thanks all I'm getting there now been on them for 3 days now and am feeling much better today! Gonna push on through! But it helps to know why i was feeling like carp
Cheers x


Still fighting
Hi All

I few of you may have read i had slip up last night and ate half a chick and pickle sandwich :eek: Anyway my CDC rang today to see how I've been getting on and arrange time for my 1st WI 2moro and when i told her about my week and my ear infection and antibiotics etc she said I should most def move up the plans at leat until tablets are finished :eek:

We came to a compramise and I've agreed to do 1000 plan til Wednesday when i finish course of tablets.

So all your advice above was brill - Thanks to you all

Ps ear almost back to normal now. :)

Probably something along the lines of protecting the stomach lining.
Partly, probably. But thinking about it, it's probably more to do with needing a few extra calories to fight off the infection. Stands to reason if you think about it. If the infection's a bad one and you were to struggle on doing SS, you might take a fair bit longer to start feeling better - and it's tough enough being on SS at the best of times.

I'm also hoping you both feel loads better soon xxx

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