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Any good book recommendations?


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Currently reading Chris Evans biogs. Wow the amount of money that bloke has gone through and the way he loves to spend it is great!

Got Brian Johnson's to read next (The Geordie lead singer of AC/DC) talking about growing up on Tyneside and his first cars. A bit of a petrol-head as revealed on Top Gear last year.

I like reading biogs - and even though I'm a huge footy fan, footballers are dull as dishwater!

Anyone got any good read recs?
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Depends what you like but I have not long finished the Bourbon Kid series The Book with No Name, The Eye of the Moon, and The Devils Graveyard... I really enjoyed all three...

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Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy
Into the Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynes
Thirteen - Sebastian Beaumont
My other books I read are on depression and mental health think they are aquired taste and I read them as I have mental health issues.


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I recently finished Alex Scarrow's Last Light. Currently waiting on delivery of the sequel.


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The Road by Cormac Murphy is one of the best fiction books i've ever read, but its really sad so be warned.

Anything by John O'farrell ( he used to write for spitting image so he's very funny) - he's done a couple of 'funny' history books which i absolutely love.


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Graham Norton biography was a good read, and I also like real-life murder books. Fred and Rose West was very interesting, as was the John-Wayne Gacy one - my mother worries about me!

Currently reading a James Herbert book, I forget what the name of it is though, Ive only just started :)
Tpals, that is a great end of the world book! And so is the Road!!

Ellen mc Arthurs book is really good if you are onto autobiography.

I am reading my way through the Dune series! Very good but there are a lot of them!


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I'm still reading the Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton (in amongst other books - I'm terrible for having two or three books on the go! :D). It starts with A is for Alibi, and it's a fictional series about a private investigator called Kinsey Millhone. I'm up to Q at the moment :)

I also love all books by Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell and Karin Slaughter, but as there's a lot of forensics in them they can be an acquired taste :)

Ian Rankin's Rebus series is also good - I'd highly recommend those. I also like all the books by Jeffrey Deaver.

I thought early Grishom were good but not do much his later ones. Same with Cornwall. Tess gerritson? Early ones good too. I bet you and I could solve any murder anywhere!! Lol
I have just read a fascinating book called Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick - all about life in North Korea, a place I knew nothing about but you really don't want to live there.

A novel - The Book Thief, can't remember who by.
And there waa me about to suggest the Shock Doctrine. Guess we're all a bit too cerebral :)

If you want funny but still informative you ahould try any of Michael Moore's books. Mu fav is Dude, where's my country?


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Well I do like a good laugh and "lighter" reading. Tom Sharpe, David Nobbs - even Spike Milligan for laugh-out loud etc.

Anything more "meaningful" I'd sooner watch a documentary etc.

I find biogs very easy to digest, full of trivia and nectodes.

Trouble is everyone's tastes are so varied:p


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I almost solely read fantasy novels. :hide:

I just finished the amazing The Wise Man's Fear - the sequel to The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Sooo good.

Generally I read terribly cheesy stuff, filled with dragons and magic and enchanted swords.


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I go in phases on my reading; usually between murder mysteries (but not depressing ones) and science fiction. When I'm in a light-hearted mood I'll reread some of my favorite Terry Pratchetts (love Thud).

Lately I've been exploring end of the world novels and, honestly, a lot of them are garbage. The Road, while well written, was the most depressing book I've ever read. The best I've found is Pat Frank's Alas, Babylon and second best is William Forstchen's One Second After.

I'm fussy about books though. I read for pleasure so I want to at least like the main characters.

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