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Any1 on celebrity slim?

hey there, try the celebrity slim section of the site - i am sure the guys there can give you loads of information :D
Howdy doody was saying he was going to try it out and I am sure he will give his honest opinion on what its like!! are ya thinking of changing?


im gonna do it!
Hey miss unknown! Dunno what im thinkin at the mo-im not happy with myself at all. not been on Lipotrim properly for ages and feel a failure. I was thinkin CS might be a bit better for me as it allows food. Im just confused big time! where can i find howdy doody? fantastic name!
hey Saddia, what about the Cambridge diet - that has a food option bit to it and has the same rate of weight loss as LT. Just google it and check the site out and there is a dedicated CD part of the site too :)
I am sure he will come along shortly...if not start a new thread with FAO Howdy Doody, he will then come quickly I am sure.

As purpleangel said as well, cambridge diet is quite good as well but I have honestly been thinking about the celebrity slim myself maybe its because everytime I switch the telly on its staring back at me!! Its just really hard to get into this diet when its cold and ya have to be 100% fully focused!!

Dont be letting it get ya down either though as thats not good and ya are never a failure and stop thinking like that. Some of these diets dont work for everyone but I am sure there is a diet out there with your name on it!! I think there was someone else on the other day called linsy that was on it and I am sure they would give ya loads of advice. Whatever ya decide babe I hope its the best decision for yourself, gud luck honey
but it wont be as fast as lipotrim though will it if ur allowed all that?? i just wanna lose weight so i can get on with life. sometimes dieting feels like it controls my entireeee life. know what i mean? if i get to my ideal weight atleast i can just live a healthy lifestyle :)
dont put urself down saddia! just cos i think like that dont mean i did much abt it heeheee - not till recently anyway. first step to change is deciding that u want to change!! remember that. (bit of social work theory for ya ;)


Eloquent hooligan
i hate diets with cheesy names like that *grumbles*
Me n all... & the ad is cringeworthy :eek:

Hi - yep I'm going out today to buy my packs (as an aside... why the frig am I wide awake at this ungodly hour ?? Grrr I hate waking up early on weekends).

I was on LT for 4 months BUT had always done it unofficially as I had no local LT-participating chemist... this means I bought the sachets online from a shady 3rd party (a bit like when I buy coke & pills) & you're never really 100% sure you're getting legit gear (again... like buying coke & pills). Plus I was paying more for the privilege (95 quid for 21 shakes).

CS seems to be a similar product going by the info I've received so far, cheaper (half the price) AND there is a participating chemist round the corner from me :D

I've got 2-3 stone to lose so could do the '2 shakes & a balanced meal' BUT would prefer to use it as TFR... I'll be asking the chemist later today :)

Good luck in your choice :)

Here's the webby by the way

Celebrity Slim

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