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anybody out there swaped LL for CD succesfully?

G: 12st0lb
Hi thinking of jumping ship as not happy with development on LL, i,e its none existent, just W I , pick up packs , talk about cheating amongst sleves then go home.
Anybody done it and fot on OK? Did you feel you missed out on management or is there an equivilent on CD?
Very interested to hear replies
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The Diet Guy
I moved from LL to CD because of counsellor issues, cost and also flavour choice and really pleased that I did.

The two diets at a weight loss level are identical and Cambridge had it's own stabilisation & maintenance plans that you can talk through with your counsellor.

Go for it- I have swapped and m very happy, especially with the range of flavours and the extras like mix a mousse. PLus, as Mike says there is a very good stabilisation programme which I hope I'll be starting soon! Good luck!

I was at last nights development group (and in your Foundation group) and was shocked to at the number of clients in the group (as was our counsellor) She had explained to me that the group was a group of 10 and 5 ladies that hadn't been to group for over 2 weeks had just turned up without contacting her first!!! Maybe she did'nt have time to explain that to you?

She also explained that she would send out a txt to everyone to collate who was in each group as she was giving both the groups a choice not just the ones last night - not on a first come first served basis but so everyone got a choice of which night they would like to attend and this situation wouldn't happen again.and txt was the fastest form of communication as to call everyone would take so much time, (I understand that) maybe you wasn't aware of that also. She is also going to give everyone a memo to confirm if they missed group for 2 weeks without contact they would not be given packs or weighed because of the effect this had on the whole group.

I read so many negatives about counsellors and must say I was very supprised to read what you had written about last nights group, I can only asume you didn't have the full picture because if you had you would have explained why the group was so big, why the LL counsellor was sending out a txt not calling everyone. The scrap book pictures were great to do as it really made me think about how much I have changed in the past few months, I know unless you was in group you wouldn't understand them, but try not to become like lots of other people making judments about what you don't know! don't want to sound rude but thats what I had to put up with when I first started LL and it gets me very anoyed

I want to share my experiance of my counsellor

:) She always returns my calls
:) She always offers me a weigh in if I am having a bad week
:) She has weighed me before my holiday - so I went away with the weight loss fresh in my mind and the confidence to stick to LL when away
:) Day or night I can contact her
:) She listens
:) If she wasn't like she was, empathic and understanding I would have quit a long time ago
:) Her foundation group was life changing for me!

Yes last night group was to big and to busy but you should really look at the bigger picture! what went before last nights class! what ever you choose to do Carol I hope you continue to do well you look great!!


Lighter Me!!:wave_cry:
G: 12st0lb

You have me at a disadvantage I'm afraid as you seem to know me by name , but I dont know you. I would appreciate a private mail reply, so I can put things straight as I dont think a public forum is the place to air, and this thread is not about our grp or counsellor really, its about anyone who has successfully mamged to swap sole source.
I am really sorry if I have offended you :( this was never my intention and I guess you are right this thread is about CD and success from swapping from LL to CD.

I therefor must appoligies for my lenthy answer, I had read all your recent threads and I guess for times sake answered all the points and questions you had raised in one go.

I genuinly thought that you was writting about last nights group without having all the information about why the group was so big and why we was contacted via txt msg and with that info it would stop you feelling so let down. I guess the want to rescue was strong!

I know your name because reading your threads the most recent ones could only have been from our group and you sign with you name on some of them, until today hadn't any idea who you was, I don't visit this site very often and don't know how to private email - so once again, I am so sorry if you have been offended or I have over stepped the mark by knowing who you are.

I hope you find success in looking for answers about CD and shall leave you in peace


Lighter ME:)
G: 12st0lb
Just click on my name on this post and a drop down menu will appear, one of the options is to private message. The other way is to go to Members List on the blue bar above and put in my name then you will be given the option to Private mail me.
I feel I need to clarify a few points with you, as your first mail did leave me feeling quite spooked and upset, and the second has just confused me, as you said you were in my foundation group , then later you said you dont know me. Which is it? as clearly it cant be both.
Lets sort it out and clear up any misunderstanding
I keep trying to send a mail but I get a message tellling me I can't I don't have privilages!!!!!!

Not to worry, lets end this now!:)

I didn't know the post was from you in the first place until I read the rest of you threads that's what I ment by I didn't know it was you! I just put all the theads together with your name and of course I then connected it was you.

I only replied out of concern that you didn't know the full story of Monday nights group and still truly beleive you didn't or you wouldn't have wrote half a story with the most important bits missing, you had also made some comments that seemed a little unfair as you had only attended one group.

There was no malace or intention to upset:( you and my lesson here is to keep my "big mouth shut":sigh: and rescue myself and not others, you don't need to clarify anything for me as this has taken up to much time already - I hope now you won't feel so spooked and upset as this is one of those situations I shouldn't have got invloved in:eek:

Once again good luck with your search for a CD counsellor:) about 3 years ago I went to see a lovely lady in Chorlton, both her and her husband are CD counsellors and she was really nice, I was able to take 4 weeks supply and did really well for 4 weeks but as with everything I didn't stick to it:mad:!

They might still be going - worth finding out

Lighter Me.:wave_cry:


Gold Member
G: 12st0lb
Hi I was on lipotrim for 5 months and moved to cd for a number of different reasons......I found the transition very easy and the extra flavours cd have are lovely.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I swapped after I did the foundation stage on Ll - I did spend about 3 weeks or do in development but found it didnt really benefit me. I also didnt like how many people seemed to be cheating on the diet and openly discussing it. When I started LL I was of the opinon it was complete abstinence (sp sorry) and so were the rest of my group. Not one of us had cheated and we were all very close and commited. To then be thrown into this new group with people that had been in development for what seemed like forever as they were cheating religiously each week and talking about it kind of threw me.Especially as the others were giving them the same speach every week of 'oh well not to worry' It's a new week lets try again, or it's not your fault etc etc. They were basicly saying it didn't matter and not to worry about it (probably as they were all doing it themselves and didnt want the person to feel bad) BUt that went agaisnt everything we had been taught in foundation!?! We were supposed to all be strong women and be able to make decisions for ourselves about wether we ate or not...it was our choice and we had made a promise to ourselves to remainstring and abstinent and stick to the plan....well at least thats what I along with the rest of my group thought!

Needless to say I didnt want to go down that route so after I got back from my holiday I switched and think it was the best thing I ever did. The flavours are so much nicer, I know what Im doing and I dont have other peoples views influencing me. I think doing LL was the best thing for me to go through foundation and learn all about it and why we eat and have it drummed it to me with a close nit group but after that I felt strong enough to do it on my own. Which is why now when I need to go back to it Iv gone onto CD. I feel Im strong enough to be able to cope with it..If you are thinking of switching I would definitly reccommend it!

Sorry this post is sooooo long :)

N xx


The Diet Guy
Lighter Me / Heaven Can Wait

If you want me to put you in touch with other through E-Mail then both confirm and I will swap your E-Mail addresses.

G: 12st0lb
Hi Natalie,
thanks so much for your post and taking the time to tell me your experience, it has been really helpful and just the kind of reply I had hoped to get! I learnt a lot in foundation and was extremely lucky with my counsellor and my group who I now know were diamonds and it was a life changing and empowering experience that will stand me in good stead I am sure for the challenges ahead. I too am quickly realising that for some the group thing can be more of an hinderence than a help, (as a read of this thread will demonstrate!) and I think maybe its time to use my strength to go ahead with minimins excellent support on CD. And the cash I will save every week I willput towards buying a new wardrobe when I reach goal!
Thaks again and Good luck with your last stone and a half!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
No Problem Heaven....

I'm glad I could help. I do find sometimes people are afraid to point out that people's cheating/telling it's ok etc can sometimes affect how they then view the diet. As much as I love mini's I do sometimes have to sto pmyself from getting too involved otherwise I start thinking about bingeing etc and its prob cos I read so often about people falling off. As long as you are strong though it is fine and not a problem. After all like I said...we all make our own choices and the support on here and from your CDC will help you just as much as the LL development/management! :)

Good Luck for your switch over the bars on CD are amazing you will love it hehe
Heaven - I am just about to make the switch too.

Contacted the CD counsellor last night (and with the help of a lovely pm from icemoose) I am gonna make the jump.

I had to finish foundation last night a couple weeks earlier than everyone else as I had started in week 3 with the group and no one from the group is moving over so after reading all the comments about development as well as value for money I am moving!

Wish us all luck!
Just wanted to add, good luck with the change to cd, I have done all the other diets ,ww,sw etc.
I wish I had done cd years ago, It really does work.
THanks Sazzy

Counsellor just called - I am going tomorrow night...

Can anyone explain why I feel so bad about it???

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