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anyone else freezing?


I will do this!!!
Im SO cold!!!!!!!!!
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Me, me, me!!!!!

I am absolutely frozen here and am thinking I should put some woolly socks on! I had a hot coffee earlier which helped but all the water I'm drinking isn't helping coz I can only drink it cold!

Who'd have thought you'd need a fleecy jacket on in the middle of August!!! Think I may have to take a hot water bottle to bed tonight!!!



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yeah ive had a few days like that..and im the hottest person about....(i mean im usually warm all the time)


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i am not cold, not one heater on in our house either and i feel the cold more then the rest in my family.


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Meeeeeee I'm coooooold

Running myself a lovely hot bath



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God, yes, I'm perished!
I think it's coz we're "running on empty"
I find I warm up great after my soup or a hot latte or hot choc. But it doesn't last. :(
I'm going to a pub quiz later and it'll be freezing in there and the cold soda waters won't help :cry:
The upside of this is, my hot flushes (of which I suffered badly, every 40 mins or so) have almost disappeared, Yay!!


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I have been bloody freezing for the past week,put a winter jumper on today and yey,Im toasty!
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Funny you should say that, I have been freezing today, asked my wife is she was cold (usually any hint of a draft and a 1' drop in temperature and she is claiming pnumonia) and she said she was fine!!
yup very cold even though i've only been on it for 6 days, must be all the cold water but i wrap myself up in my duvet every night on the sofa lol and lots of hot baths.


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This thread has been fantastic, I thought I was going insane:psiholog:. I've been freezing for the last couple of days (I'm on day 6 of CD). It's good to know that I'm not the only one!!! :D Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
:gen125::gen125::gen125:Wooley socks here in Mancy too .....


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i went out tonight with the girls, cause keith is away, and they were drinking vodka and coke and wearing skimpy tops, and i sat there with a hot coffee, and a wooly on, they thought i was mad, i put the heater on in the car on the way home and they were like 'helen wtf!! its boiling in here!! i was shivering to the bone.

think it cause i am loosing my 'fat duvet' i need more warmth!

it helps burns calories though, being cold.. just put ice in my last shake - sucker for punishment, but the socks are going on tonight!!

hope we have some summer soon, i'll be able to get in shorts and there will be no sun to shine on the old pins! lol typical ;)

sending warm hugs to you all!

night night



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Yup, we're all freezing (shouldn't that read 'burning'-?! )our fat off!
Fleecy socks and dressing gown over pj's...absolutely freezing. Going to have a hot drink and then bed to warm up lol
grrrrrrrrr offices !!
im sat here they have all the windows open its peeing down blowing a gale they are all boiling and im freezing my lovely colleagues answer .. put a cardie on .. well 1 .) i dont have one with me and 2.) they dont flippin fit anymore the sleeves would be down to my knees and 3.) i was freezing last night with a sweatshirt and a hoodie on so how is a cardie going to help !

Cack side effect me thinks but itll be worth it .. tho i dunno if blue skin will suit my nice new bright blonde hair !

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