Anyone else own rats?


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I currently own 7, 5 males; Paddy, Max, Homer, Scabbers & Donny and 2 foster girls Squeek & Tick.

They really make fab pets and are so affectionate. I know they're not everyones idea of a pet but they are really brilliant!

I'm not yet sure how to upload images but as soon as i find out i'll post some piccies of them.
I wanted rats too!

So cute-you even put names to them... wish you'd put pictures of them. I always wanted rats or mini hamsters but was never allowed. Upto now I cnt have any, thats sad huh! :(

I'm not yet sure how to upload images but as soon as i find out i'll post some piccies of them.

I can help you with that-you can upload your images on an image upload site, like this new one i just discovered and Im using and then it'll give you the direct url or direct image link which you can copy and paste on forums. I assure you its very very easy...... :)

If you've any problems let know!

Hope to see your pet rats soon!!!:D
I love rats, but have never had any, would like to get some though, I've heard they make great pets. At the moment though along with my doggie, we've got 3 ferrets, which are great fun & highly entertaining. Gracie, Pixie & Lara, who is our resident escape artist. All our neighbours know we own ferrets thanks to her!!
We don't have rats now but we did until recently. My DS had nagged for ages but I kept saying no. I couldn't bear to touch the tails! Finally I was persuaded to let him have one and I didn't regret it:D

We had a boy called Shadow who was gorgeous. He was so tame and liked to sit on my shoulder while I watched the telly. He was so clever and would come when we called him. He lived to the grand old age of 5 years! My son was heart broken when the vet put poor Shadow to sleep:(

We later got 2 girls, Hannah and Lola. We chose females cos males tend to wee on you when you pick them up. Shadow did this and it wasn't nice! Anyhow we never did really bond with the girls although we had them until they died quite recently at 3 1/2 years. They were never as tame as Shadow and would bite if given the chance! Not sure if this is general with girls but I would definitely go for a male if we have another.

Looking forward to seeing your pics. Lets hope this improves peoples opinions of the furry little rodents, they get such bad press don't they?